The pace submits closed-loop control method of motion

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According to increment motion dominates the investigation of association, the pace can use all sorts of different methods into the closed-loop control of electric machinery, include plan step among them (or pace desired result) , the complete servo control that electromotive force detects and has sensor feedback instead without sensor. Pace desired result is the simplest position is controlled, the photoelectricity coder that it adopts low resolution comes number of statistical shift pace. With simple circuit dictates pace number and the stage that measure are counted quite, whether to already move to appoint the position into electric machinery with desired result pace. Opposing electromotive force is one kind detects without sensor method, it uses what the pace enters electric machinery to oppose electromotive force (Emf) signal will measure and control rate. According to increment motion commands the view of association chairman Dan Jones, when speed too low as a result turns over depress of electromotive force report at can detecting when the level, it is closed-loop control switch open loop control, complete final fixed position exercise again. Complete servo is to point to use coder from beginning to end, come back change or other feedback device enters electric machinery position and moment of force with commanding a stage more accurately. There had been a few suppliers to begin to offer this kind of product on the world. Parker Hannifin mixes active damp detect without coder locked-rotor complement as what turn over electromotive force to control a method. The pace monitors into electric machinery driver and measure the voltage of electric machinery winding and voltaic information, use the control that improves pair of paces to enter electric machinery. Active damp uses this information to restrain the oscillation of speed, make electric machinery gets more usable moment of force are outputted -- is not pitching moment waste is on mechanical vibration. Detect without coder locked-rotor use this information to detect the phenomenon that lose a condition, losing a condition is a serious problem control to open loop. CNC Milling CNC Machining