Couplet hair division is released brand-new Helio X of 64 8 nucleuses and product line of high end of Helio P series

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Although move,processor market has been connected high (Qualcomm) was controlled old, but in low end the market ran old couplet hair division (MediaTek) carries successional hair power however, forward person launched a challenge. The intermediary outside occupying reports, couplet hair division just released processor of two 64 when face high-end market 8 nucleuses to be tasted newly, they are on this year 2 quarters cast the Helio X to the market and Helio P. Helio X is being represented " acme function " (Extreme Performance) , this firm's toppest processor will by classify this a series of. First chip -- Helio X10 (namely MT6795W) -- will this year the middle ten days of a month and everybody met in April, its used 28nm to make Cheng and core of 8 ARM Cortex-A53, advocate frequency is as high as 2.

2GHz. Helio P is being represented " high-ranking function " (Premium Performance) , regretful is, couplet hair division did not disclose any detail that concern chip of series of first Helio P. Nevertheless, video of 1080p of couplet hair division or the 4K screen refresh rate that divulged chip of series of new fund Helio will support 120Hz, transcribe, and 480fps is slow-motion the character such as video. As to Helio chip of future, this company says its will turn into 20nm to formulate Cheng and ARM Cortex-A72 framework. CNC Milling CNC Machining