Compositive technology researchs the information of long-range treatment operating mode that is based on computer network

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In recent years, no matter go up or manufacturing industry went up to produce very big change in the technology in the idea. Market ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye brings about product lifecycle shorter and shorter, raised taller and taller requirement to the nimble sex of manufacturing industry, what the enterprise produces to the quick response ability of the market, product is flexible degree, the enterprise recombines as allied as trends ability and those who face a client is all-around the service idea main factor that already became decision business to live. To raise the nimble sex of the enterprise, the conduct propaganda in wanting to be in an enterprise on one hand carries out the philosophical mind that makes adroitly, aggrandizement industry organization and management, build the business that gets used to modern market economy inside, external management mechanism; On the other hand, need uses the new achievement of modern science and technology, research increases a business the new method of nimble sex and new measure. Information of long-range operating mode is compositive it is to increase a business one of important steps of nimble sex. The basic idea with compositive information of operating mode of 1 long-range treatment passes old research and development, compositive production technology acquired the computer great progress, from the system compositive management and automation of decision-making, workshop, equipment moves control and attemper emulate, design automation assists quality to make sure a lot of respect such as the technology gained delectable success to the computer, and aborning application, obtained good economic benefits. In recent years, fictitious make, collateral project, nimble make, the development of the production technology that is based on information and automation treatment process detect the maturity of technology of monitoring and confluence of much sensor data, develop infuse to deeper administrative levels and more extensive application direction for CIMS new research content. How to make actual physics system and the production that are based on information the system is effective the ground is compositive make the computer at an organic whole the another research heat that compositive production technology develops and key. Any CIMS is by actual physics production system is mixed be based on physical system and the information that abstraction comes out makes a system comprise. Should realize more extensive computer compositive the production that make and is based on information, must construct actual physics makes an UniCom system and the bridge of the production system that is based on information. Numerical control machine tool, especially the development of machining center, those who be this one bridge build laid preliminary foundation. In recent years, the development of computer network technology, break district limit for CIMS, build different ground compositive production system provided strong technical support, make system and the production that are based on information to build actual physics thereby between the system more close together, more extensive depth second changed connection to lay a foundation with intelligence. Information of operating mode of different ground treatment is compositive, apply processing of confluence of much sensor data, signal and computer network technology to make actual physics namely system and organic ground connects the production system that is based on information, offer to be based on the production system of information thereby more accord with real initiative data, make its arise more accord with actual result, provide new measure to coach actual physics system works effectively. Pass information of long-range operating mode compositive system, development of products plan personnel, technology program personnel, relevant product and system are safeguarded, organization, attemper personnel can obtain equipment in time to move reach equipment error to distributing wait for a state, attemper for production with run emulation system, equipment to safeguard with breakdown diagnostic system provided necessary information, compensate all sorts of machining error effectively for system of numerical control process designing, raise treatment precision and initialization of fictitious production system to provide data, for senior expert and senior administrator guidance production provided more significant measure. The ground of different of development state of affairs of compositive research processes information of operating mode of 2 long-range treatment the research history with operating mode compositive information is very short, its theory and technology are still immature. Creating a field, because treatment facilities and environment are interactive complexity and blame determinism, and the real time of great data bulk transmits the limitation that is understood letter requirement, the research that in the light of treatment equipment handles remotely just just begins. Research basically is aimed at confluence of news perception, information processing, data and compositive method a few respects, involves information basically includes equipment to run information of state of environment of work of information of state of precision of the state information, information that concerns with cutting process, information that concerns with treatment quality, equipment, system to wait. The height that this technology studied to get the country such as the United States, Japan, England, Australia and Korea takes seriously, each country develops relevant technology eagerly. IMS international collaboration of Japan passes the feeling technology, measurement that feels at the person accordingly technology of remote control of plan general production equipment, remotely the technology of artificial and real sense in technology and production label its the first important research content that plans 10 years. Below the support that in Japanese intelligence production system plans, the combination such as the Bruce Kramer that the Guang Shiwei of Japanese Tokyo university aids a professor to wait to control Washington college with American tall began treatment system to handle technical research remotely, respectively 1991, mixed 1992 undertook ground of machine tool different processes operating mode information 3 times 1994 compositive the principle sex with long-range operation experiments, be called " operate a machine tool from earthly the reverse side " . Although 3 experiments obtained expectant result, but still put the theory that is in a lot of remaining that solve and technical issue. Australia also undertook study in this respect, developed the treatment that uses Internet information of operating mode of treatment of unit different ground is compositive with control system. The network that the Pohang manage of Korea is versed in the university is based on Internet at building 1996 is fictitious production system, development goes different ground to design workshop of ground of system, different to control land of system, different supervisory system and service at above the communication agency of 3 systems. The computer of these 4 systems is compositive and contented the need that user different ground designs, production the command sends the plant that is located in Pohang Chargwon, pass thereby fictitious make forecast the feasibility that makes remotely, made nimble sex provide strong support to come true. University of industry of German A go smoothly began cutting process the research of long-range monitoring technology, built demonstrate experimental system. American Lincoln university began electric spark to process process monitoring and information for the foundation with Internet the research of compositive technology. American Masschusetts Institute of Technology is being begun for the foundation with Internet be machined remotely and assemble unit unifinication to consider, information of long-range operating mode is compositive it is among them main component. Be in our country, long-range control exercise already began to be taken seriously, the intelligent robot theme in 863 plans already will be based on the remote control exercise of fictitious environment technology to label crucial technology to undertake study, but the exercise of long-range remote control that is aimed at production treatment system and information are compositive technical research just just starts. The necessity of compositive research establishs information of operating mode of 3 long-range treatment information of operating mode of different ground treatment is compositive system, the environment that improves treatment operation greatly, raise utilization rate of equipment and installations and flexibility and level of man-machine unifinication intelligence. Beginning compositive to processing operating mode information remotely research consequently is very necessary. Information of long-range treatment operating mode is compositive it is the implementation in CIMS physical system is effective and as compositive as fictitious production system essential condition. Compositive system can be information of different ground operating mode trends of fictitious production system offers information of state of actual production process and initialization condition well and truly, make thereby fictitious production system more accord with actual. Accordingly, solve information of different ground operating mode only compositive problem, what just can realize real significance go up is fictitious make and what fictitious production system and physics make a system is compositive. Information of long-range treatment operating mode is compositive it is sufficient play the efficient way that opposite of senior expert, senior administrator produces direct effect. The market competes, it is the talent's competition essentially, how efficient the effect that produces advanced technology qualified personnel and senior management person with ability is the one catastrophe problem that the enterprise faces. Market of information of different ground operating mode is solved debatably, will make senior expert and administrator pass the computer to the network understands and master manufacturing operating mode, pass network praepostor to produce, solve all sorts of appears possibly difficult problem in production, make production system moves steadily thereby. Information of long-range treatment operating mode is compositive it is products plan, craft program and production attemper ground of fast, forthright masters administrator the powerful tool that manufactures actual condition, solve the design personnel that exists at present, technologist and the problem that create a process actually to be out of line effectively, be helpful for collateral work environment build, shortened product development cycle, reduced the quality accident of design phase. Information of long-range treatment operating mode is compositive it is to realize different ground to make, the instrument that equipment recombines and makes a system optimize and tool, pass information of different ground operating mode compositive system, the real work position of optional equipment can know on computer network, ask to choose what to require equipment according to product quality thereby, optimize systematic combination. Information of long-range treatment operating mode is compositive it is the efficient way that accumulates production knowledge and experience ceaselessly, pass information of different ground operating mode compositive system, can come true make and technical transmission, communication, share with accumulate, the progress that stimulative intelligence makes. Information of long-range treatment operating mode is compositive it is the main component that makes the whole world make a system, solve information of different ground operating mode only compositive problem, what just can realize operation personnel and treatment facilities go up in district is detached, realize the long-range treatment on real significance. Information of operating mode of 4 long-range treatment is compositive the technical base of research in recent years, computer network, no matter be agreement of network hardware, network, the development that still is technology of network interface process designing and theory is very rapid. Internet/Intranet network applies successfully already in the long-range control of a lot of domains, if the expert of medical treatment domain collects examine, long-range operation,robot of directive, long-range exercise is controlled etc, process operating mode information remotely to realize production process compositive provided experience of He Baogui of condition of good material, technology. In the meantime, through development of a few years, information processing and sensor technology, data confluence technology, treatment process detects the establishs analysis of model, machining error and process of the method that build a model, cutting and cutting mechanism research of character of diagnostic technology of breakdown of moving control of monitoring technology, production system and administrative technique, production system, machine tool, build model and, make establish information of long-range treatment operating mode compositive system becomes a possibility, be research begin laid good theory and technical foundation, had the feasibility on the technology thereby. Compositive system application looks into information of operating mode of 5 long-range treatment as the computer compositive production technology develops to depth direction, fictitious make the main component that will make CIMS. As join reality physics makes system and the bridge of fictitious production system, information of different ground operating mode is compositive the system will provide initialization information for fictitious production system, for different ground products plan personnel provides operating condition information, make the working process of fictitious production system and result are outputted thereby more accord with actual, reduce products plan and the quality accident that craft designs greatly, shorten product development cycle. Tell from this, how many enterprise introduces CIMS technology and idea, have news of operating mode of ground of how many different the user of compositive system. Production company of our country machinery is numerous, as the application of computer network technology, information of different ground operating mode is compositive the tool on the network that will become mechanical production company, accordingly, its application in prospective enterprise will be very extensive, have very broad market. Regard a kind of network of mechanical manufacturing industry as the tool, it still can think product and technology design personnel provide operating condition information, make a of collateral project main component and instrument thereby. It still will recombine as the enterprise that is based on computer network and trends is allied and wide application is chosen at equipment actor and optimize combination companionately. CNC Milling CNC Machining