Ford car Shanghai rolls out the world the cleanest inside light engine

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·Ford car is newest hydrogenous engine will be in 12 to · appears on the market inside 24 months this new engine can satisfy the cleanest empty temperament on the world to measure standard   on October 12, 2004, shanghai dispatch- - Ford Motor Corporation was released today the cleanest on the world inside light engine, announced carry hydrogenous fuel battery by existing mixture motivation car and implement 0 discharged strategies finally. In the 2004 Ford cars that show than ascending a challenge to go up surely new-style hydrogen engine is taken " rare light NOx to collect " (abbreviation LNT) aftertreatment function, can satisfy strict SULEV-Bin2 to discharge a standard. The engineer of Ford car is optimizing its demarcate program, be similar to the function of gasoline engine in order to obtain. The product that can use actually will be in future 12 to appear on the market inside 24 months. The first-run test that Ford car has to taking the new-style hydrogen engine of LNT aftertreatment function makes clear, its NOx discharges the cleanest SULEV on contented world or Tier2-Bin2 standard. Subsequently abidance checks as much encouraging. The target of Ford car is contented these are very strict discharge a standard, eliminate CO2 to discharge actually, provide the dynamical performance like gasoline engine at the same time. "This is an exciting message, " environment of Ford Motor Corporation and Xi Siji of · of susan of safe engineering vice president (SueCischke) say. "Had revealed without a company can satisfy these standards and carbon dioxide to discharge be close to the hydrogenous internal-combustion engine of 0. Our compose on environmental protection history another important new page, " she expresses. Besides new-style hydrogen engine, ford Motor Corporation still revealed a variety of other new product, the Ford Escape that includes to be being sold in North America now mixes dynamical SUV, and one uses power of hydrogenous fuel cell, achieve 0 discharged Ford Fox. "Ford car is exclusive future of a dynamic that it is hydrogen made a product plan hand-in-hand travel the car that multinomial technology develops hard produces business, " Xi Siji say. "This a week we not only should show the technology that can offer at present, demonstrate to have technology and hydrogenous fuel cell how to lead us the world that Xiang Ling discharges even. " her say. SUV of brand-new 2005 Ford Escape mixture motivation also is in this year exhibit than ascending a challenge to go up surely, this is industry mixes dynamical SUV the first times completely, the Escape that uses V6 motor than traditional outfit was improved on fuel economy 50% . Escape of this van type gets the attestation of arrange of American environmental protection, inside city travel achieved 58 kilometers / 3.

8 litres level. Acceleration can be as similar as V6, still maintained Escape at the same time basic model carry cargo ability. Car of total mixture motive force can use gasoline engine travel already according to travel condition, also can introduce electromotor drive. Removing the travel that stop often highest fuel efficiency is had below the condition. Ford car still revealed hydrogen to mix motivation to research a vehicle (H2RV) , if solved the infrastructure problem that provides hydrogenous fuel, this technology can be pushed now to the market. 2 what H2RV will take mechanical pressure boost.

The module type of internal-combustion engine of motivation of 3 litres of hydrogen and Ford car patent mixes transmission system (MHTS) union was in one case. Ford Motor Corporation is to develop the car manufacturer that system of this kind of power is combined and investment uses exclusively. These cars are a foundation with best-selling Ford Fox caravan, be now southeast the United States the ministry is close hold the try out that bring a city, had sailed in be issued to lower levels of actual use condition on 10 thousand kilometers. All emission, include carbon dioxide, adjacent 0. Engine is shut when electric machinery and advanced control system make H2RV can stop in the car and start smoothly quickly afresh when start. The most advanced environmental protection car that Ford car throughout history produces is car of cell of Ford Fox fuel (FCV) , also be course of study inside first " car of cell of mixture motivation fuel " one of, faultlessly union was in the profit that it increases mixture motivation technology the advantage on travel space and function and fuel cell one case. Ford blessing overcomes Si Ran to expect batteries car uses motor of Ballard fuel cell, use hydrogen and oxygen to be chemical energy change electric energy. With electromotor of car of electric power drive, generated byproduct is water and quantity of heat only. New-style Fox lighted makings batteries car to use mixture power system, increased a 300 hot season group of 3 foreign batteries, and the line is passed electro-hydraulic system of series regenerative braking, this is both also can see on Escape mixture motor vehicle. Fox lighted makings batteries car to still use a kind of advanced Chu Qing jar, have 5, 000 pounds / square inch fight control capacity. Current, the motorcade that by 20 Ford blessing Ke Siran expects batteries car is comprised one is southeast the United States close hold the try out that bring a city sails. There also is Fox to light makings batteries car to be in in California try out. In addition still prepare in North America other place undertakes pilot. Ford car still is in Asian rollout outfit with new fund 1.

DuratecSci of Ford of type of 8 litres of straight gush (SmartChargeInjection) the Europe of Ford Meng Di of engine, this car falls in actual use condition but section oily 6-8% , still improved at the same time discharge. This completely aluminous engine is the derive type that Ford Duratec lists series of 4 crocks of engine continuously, the motor that Mengdiou uses the Ford that be produced in China at present and sells is Ford Duratec straight line series of 4 crocks of engine. New DuratecSci engine special province is oily, it is especially when engine low speed or condition of small negative charge, because this is very comfortable,improve fuel economy at be below daily travel condition. Mengdiou supplies Chinese market by the Chang'an Ford production of Chongqing. What Ford car plans to introduce China is brand-new the car is the rigiddest security on will contented world and discharge a standard. All Ford car that sells in China at present all reliable criterion that before mark deserves to have, safe gasbag accords with Ford Motor Corporation. "This is very encouraging, the car of hearten making a person is revealed, " Xi Siji say. "So your person hearten is what what reveal because of us is not to be in the distant thing that produces possibly probably in the future, however a kind actual, the has perspective extremely technology of effective. And I more those who feel proud is, ford car abides by his acceptance, try hard to build a more good world. " she is final say. CNC Milling CNC Machining