Difficulty of manufacturing industry informatization makes link optimize in production

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Summary: Operation of the company in production industry manages the biggest difficult point to depend on producing production segment, the enterprise of 37% thinks this link needs to be optimized further. The production enterprise of current China faces settlement problem generally is how to promote labor productivity, add a product additional value. Solve these problems to the technology innovates and update the strong condition such as equipment besides support, producing operation segment even, in optimize the weak environment such as management fluctuation kongfu. The cycle that makes equipment of enterprise innovation technology, newer hardware normally is longer, the manufacturing efficiency that promotes a business accordingly, raise market competition ability to still basically optimize interior management. Since make an enterprise raise the key of service advantage to depend on optimizing management, so the management information system such as the ERP of the enterprise makes the main tool that optimizes management and instrument necessarily, this already became the consensus of more and more production enterprises. So to ERP, enterprise of what kind of help of ERP system ability is cogent the effect that has to optimize management, where is the link that ERP of the urgentest need optimizes production enterprise, this is to manage software provider to be waited for urgently at present master. Plan world information (CCW Research) undertook investigating an analysis deep in the light of the situation of demand of management information system of production enterprise, the production to creating a company, purchase, the management of the many link such as resource of storage, sale, financial, manpower is optimized undertook demand survey, investigate discovery, production enterprise exists not only to producing the pressing rate that each link optimize operation difference, and the difference is very big, the demand that survey result indicated production enterprise user to be nodded to ERP software module and function directly. Plan world information (CCW Research) considers to discover, operation of the company in production industry manages the biggest difficult point to depend on producing production segment, the enterprise of 37% thinks this link needs to be optimized further. Analyse a reason deep, because make the professional work of resource of the finance affairs of the enterprise, manpower,be general-purpose business, the existing ERP software module on the market is relatively mature, can satisfy enterprise user requirement, but the industry otherness with larger presence of manufacturing production segment and enterprise individuation, and of this link business complex degree very tall also, so not only the demand administrative levels of the user is high, and the fractionize industry with existing market is general-purpose the primary level that ERP product still is in development, because this makes enterprise user make link management optimize to production,appear particularly pressing, this is the new opportunity that ERP software provider expands next. Chart 1 production business is overall opposite of operation government difficult point produces those who build link to optimize undertake deepness digs an analysis, the production that cares most in the user makes government in, the user of half above thinks to produce cost to control is the part that produces production link to need to optimize most, plan to manage for production next, occupy 18.

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