Enclothe a punch to emulate parameter to change the method that build a model

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In the light of in enclothe a domain of strike out form to be opposite of fast, automation finite yuan of pressing demand that reseau builds modular method, put forward a kind of fast car to enclothe a punch to emulate the train of thought that builds a model and method. Will enclothe a punch technology design and punch figuration to emulate pre-treatment compositive, use messy triangle face piece model, in the CAE pre-treatment software of own development, the craft complement side that undertakes parameter is changed and press makings face design. The design of technology of punch of reseau analyse dispenses of the model undertakes at the same time, the reseau model that builds pattern of a complete set of automatically emulates computation for punch. For bona fide imitate board expects the flow of reseau, those who put forward parameter to change is true pull the model of deep muscle to build modular method and board makings reseau beforehand fractionize method. Completed the development of relevant software. Many cars enclothe a punch technology design and punch to emulated computational example to show the effectiveness of this method. Foreword car enclothes the typical design of a mould to analyse technological process is to be being finished after covering a products plan, the mould designs personnel to make punch craft and mould design plan by experience, apply CAE technology to undertake the computer of strike out form emulate after that; Design plan is amended in returning CAD system according to emulating a result, resumptive below one round computer is emulated, till emulate result test and verify the feasibility that devises plan. If need for many times technology program is revised, every time all needs to return CAD system to undertake modification, and the CAD of every time is revised after returning, figuration sex emulates computation to include the measure such as reseau analyse cent, filling aperture, flange to need to undertake afresh, affected the efficiency that figuration emulates badly. Be aimed at this one current situation, the article puts forward a kind of new punch that is based on messy model to emulate parameter to change the method that build a model, develop a car to enclothe a strike out form to emulate pre-treatment STLMesher. After getting the model of STL file format that covers a part, the technology area of the mould and press makings face to undertake in CAE pre-treatment system parameter changes a design, need not return the processing in CAD software again. It is a foundation in order to cover the STL format model of a product, the technology that according to punch technology program design parameter changes is complementary face and control makings aspect. This method went to the lavatory to technology program is designed and be revised greatly, managing design time, synchronous the reseau model that builds emulation computation place to need need not undertake special reseau analyse is divided again. The parameter of area of technology of 1 emulation model is changed build a model 1. The 1 triangle that approachs technology area the affirmatory article of an amount puts forward emulate the method that build a model to use triangular face piece approach mould range. To assure to emulate calculative precision, the mould reseau that the triangle approachs must the geometrical appearance of accurate imitate mould, if modelling is medium use triangular measure is too little, imminent precision is lower; If triangular amount is too much, finite computational quantity meets target-seeking of yuan of search of the contact in computation to increase greatly. Through controlling the disperse error of the model, can control triangular amount. When use triangle modelling, music line segment is by number Duan Xian is replaced. If the graph is shown 1 times, radius uses N Duan Xian to replace for the R, circular arc that includes horn to be A, define chord to approach a standard to be L=R-Rcosa/2n(1) from this.

Chord approachs standard L to be the distance of bowstring and corresponding arc midpoint. The cost that passes set Z (normally set is 0. 1mm) , can control the length of the spring that approachs a curve, then controallable triangular amount. 1. Face of 2 use triangle piece the end that craft complement parameter changes design technology to design is complement through building product technology part, form enter equably material resistance and play deep requirement goodly. Because this wants to make sure technology is complementary face and those who control makings aspect hand in a line to go up to join glossily in punch direction, rise and fall inside the plane of perpendicular punch direction even. The modelling of technology area divides a pace to undertake, it is the construction of the construction of sectional feature line and technology area respectively, particular procedure is as follows: (1) is tectonic and sectional diagnostic line. ① above all the basis is enclothed figuration craft sex. And the position that builds foul line and long edge type, 5 kinds of typical cases that stated once upon a time choose a kind in sectional line, decide sectional line parameter. ② is on the attrib border feature dot of the model, use this to nod advocate law arrow, deputy law arrow and the vector that cut arrow to be in local coordinate to fasten as this bits. The sectional line of this bits of place is in with respect to the definition by advocate inside the plane with law arrow and deputy law affirmatory arrow. The N that ③ decides this sectional line truly by sectional line parameter reference point, construct from this give a K second the analytic expression that NURBS curve gets sectional line. To use trigonometry face piece modelling, line segment of use I Duan Zhi approachs this sectional line (the amount that requires straight line segment approachs a standard to decide) by chord. (Face of complement of 2) tectonic craft. Change according to the model border between two features line circumstance, use two kinds of means to make craft complement range. ① if the borderline side the model between two features line is smooth, it is with it guide down-lead, use sweep move (partial technology is complementary among Sweep) method construction the sectional line of the face; If do not transfer glossily, bridge of applicable curved surface is received (among the means construction of Bridge) sectional line of the part, implementation is arranged solely transfer, contented C1 asks continuously. ② the area between the sectional line two two-phase adjacent, use triangle face piece design of the modelling that finish, get final by trigonometry face piece tectonic craft complement face. With the craft in CAD software complement designs photograph comparing, the article puts forward a method to be able to realize same function basically, but the operation is simpler and quick. When the parameter that has craft complement share in CAD software changes a design, need fixed position of sectional to every line, be built ceaselessly and alternate coordinate is fastened, design a process very take time. Pull with repairing foul line to be located in here deep a bottom, perpendicular the model that builds an edge is a parameter that shows the article to change the method that build a model. Sectional line sketch map sees a picture 2, the parameter that includes on sectional line has R1 of radius of sunken model round horn, r2 of radius of punch round horn, the length C of inclined wall. The included angle A of oblique plane and punch direction, the distance of long foul line to punch round horn mouth, the included angle mouth that presses makings face and horizontal. Set is over after parameter of sectional line appearance, use section of straight line segment to approach sectional line. Will diverse sectional feature line decorates model border to go up relevant section, edge border is generated a series of sectional line, if pursue,as a result 3 are shown. Approach a standard to determine the amount of sectional line according to chord. The arranges partly sectional line of straight edge on model border is thinner, and arranged more sectional line in round part part, the light that assured craft complement face is suitable transfer. sectional on-line straight line segment uses trigonometry face finally piece join, the reseau model of the craft complement area that gets disperse is changed, if pursue,4a place is shown. From the illumination of graph 4b the model can see, the smooth suitable rate of the model that use article method designs face is very high, the brunet line place in the graph shows the line distributing a model that is a mould. 1. The design mind that the 3 parameter that control makings aspect change a design to control makings aspect and craft complement design likeness, design first control makings aspect sectional line, use trigonometry face after that piece complete the design that controls makings aspect. Specific design means is, will in front the line of sunken model opening that craft complement design gets, edge tangent extends 3 ~ 5mm to extension, get dividing modular line Co. bit of end to end on Co, make smooth suitable processing, those who serve as the circle that approach a limit inside along. After that according to craft make choice of press makings face sort, edge tangent just delays C0 outwards, got Co of the edge outside pressing what the edge encircles. Use as additional as craft cover to devise similar method, approach sectional line with straight line segment, use triangle face piece construction controls makings aspect. model follow the line that distribute a model has breaking up, be located in the part besides the line that distribute a model to serve as the circle that approach a limit, and in-house part serves as punch. To the graph 4 show a model to if the graph is shown 5 times,build the model of punch mould reseau of a complete set of. 2 true in pulling the parameter of deep muscle to change design car to cover a strike out body often all sorts of quality problems, its are main the disequilibrium of rate of going from place to place that the reason is mouth of sunken model of edge of the material in helping process of dark take shape, board makings is out of shape inhomogenous. Project middling is used pull deep muscle to adjust with force of figuration of control plate makings. According to sectional appearance different, pull deep muscle to be able to be divided for semicircle muscle, quadrate muscle, pull muscle of deep cage, triangle to wait. 2. 1 punch emulates in the simulation that deep muscle plays in pulling figuration of punch of thin plate of method of deep muscle imitate to emulate has two kinds of kind: One kind is true help method of imitate of model of deep muscle geometry, another kind is equivalent helps method of imitate of deep muscle model. Domestic and international quits effect pulled deep muscle imitate to undertake much research studies. The good point that equivalent helps deep muscle model is computation efficiency is taller, but also put in a few blemish. Use true pull deep muscle simulative it is more difficult that main difficult problem is divided in Yu Jianmo and reseau analyse, computation is expended also help method of deep muscle imitate than equivalent much. The ground is real the figure that plays deep muscle and dimension, use careful reseau to build pull deep muscle model, the reseau unit size control that will pull deep muscle to be in area normally is inside limits of 2 ~ 3mm, and the dimension of board makings reseau and mould size of mesh opening satisfy corresponding position mutual adaptability condition, can analyse a result to produce adverse effect to CAE otherwise, increase the difficulty that reseau analyse divides further from this. Accordingly, equivalent is built to pull deep muscle to undertake an analysis mostly in domestic and international research, in waiting, famous commercial software DYNAFORM, AUTO-FORM also offerred equivalent to pull deep muscle model only. 2. 2 be based on trigonometry face piece parameter is changed pull deep muscle to build a model to pull deep muscle parameter to change a design to use trigonometry face likewise piece finish, the means that the article offers can is opposite round muscle, rectangular muscle, pull deep cage, triangle muscle to wait undertake parameter changes a design. Pull deep muscle to be with the most commonly used hemicycle exemple, pull the parameter of sectional line appearance of deep muscle certainly above all, include to pull B of deep muscle width, pull H of deep muscle height, muscle radius R, and, - Z, and the distance D of line of model of muscle distance cent, if pursue,6 are shown. With craft the parameter of additional cover changes a design identical, pull deep muscle building a model also is to use design of straight line segment to pull deep muscle above all sectional line, use triangular face after that piece approach the geometrical curved surface that pulls deep muscle. Pull the start of deep muscle and terminus certainly through seesaw pattern, edge of will sectional line divides modular line scanning, join each sectional line with the triangle, achievable true the design that draws deep muscle. The graph shows those who be gripper shoe of some model horn 7 times to pull the model that extend a pattern, because workpiece is pulled deep more shallow, receive makings instruction to increase, make board makings is out of shape adequately, the semicircle that sets whole group outside sunken model round horn pull deep muscle. The result that use Unigraphic software has pulling deep muscle the design gets to same model is shown 8 times like the graph, the model pulls deep muscle mediumly to use more than about 170 curved surface in all piece. The means that use article offers was used in all make an appointment with 10 500 trigonometry face piece complete the geometrical design that draws deep muscle. The comparison from two models can see, article method builds pull deep muscle model to be able to satisfy punch to emulate calculative requirement. 2. 3 contain true the to board makings reseau processing in pulling deep muscle punch to emulate an analysis is used true when pulling deep muscle to undertake emulation computation, the size of mesh opening of board makings reseau should satisfy mutual adaptability requirement with mould size of mesh opening, compare as a result of the dimension of board makings reseau otherwise big, after will flowing to close hard pull deep muscle. Had shed the meeting in punch process to draw the board material of deep muscle for this need, and the reseau with the closer cent of board makings analyse of the part that the area with likelihood and mould curvature big change contacts, in order to satisfy the adaptability requirement of board makings reseau and mould reseau. If whole board makings model analyse divides the reseau unit with very small size, will huge increases computation to expend. Sound practice is the reseau that divides normal size to analyse of board makings model above all, undertake to local district reseau fractionize is operated after that, reduce the size of the reseau of corresponding area. To limit the scope of board makings fractionize reasonably, the basis pulls deep muscle here decorate the limits, measure that pulls deep muscle, may have flowed to draw the range of board makings reseau of deep muscle in estimation figuration process appropriately, give need to make the range of the board makings reseau of fractionize certainly, if the graph is shown 9 times, area of the gray in rectangle board makings does the board makings reseau of fractionize for need. After the board makings reseau that decided need does fractionize to handle, use algorithm of fractionize of board makings reseau to undertake handling, the measure that the frequency of reseau fractionize pulls deep muscle reseau by the mould and initiative board makings the differential decision of size of mesh opening. The reseau develop that the reseau after fractionize uses this article to put forward attacks configuration optimizes a method to undertake optimizing, in order to improve reseau quality. 3 numerical value calculate exemple and discuss to calculate exemple be car of some carring capacity before bumper model. The dimension of this spare parts is 2375mm*360mm, if pursue,10 are shown. There are 3 larger holes in the model, designed perpendicular decorate a border inside craft complement face. What sectional line chooses craft complement side outside is to repair foul line to be in pull deep a type of oblique plane; The fill of in-house hole was used similar outside the method that craft complement devises, long foul line is in pull deep the sectional feature line of a cant. Design of the circle that approach a limit approachs a limit for flowing curved surface, the model of sunken model reseau after complement of the craft that finish is designed is shown 11 times like the graph. Model of reseau of a complete set of sees a picture 12, from the top down is ordinal for the punch, circle that approach a limit, board makings and sunken model. Emulation computation gets final part is pulled if the graph is shown 13 times,delay figuration case, of the spare parts pull actually delay figuration circumstance to see a picture 14. The 2nd calculates exemple it is shell plating of some model door, spare parts model is the trigonometry area that gets by converse project piece model, if pursue,15 are shown. The sectional line of additional cover chooses craft to be to build foul line on sidewall, tilt long edge, design of the circle that approach a limit approachs a limit for flowing curved surface. If the graph is shown 16 times,complement of the craft that finish designs sunken model, include the sunken model, punch, circle that approach a limit and the model of mould of a complete set of of board makings to see a picture 17. The part that computation of CADEM II of software of use punch emulation computation gets is pulled if the graph is shown 18 times,delay figuration case. The last calculate a boot lid that is some model, the spare parts model of the STL format that outputs by UG is shown 19 times like the graph. The model of the sunken model that the craft that finish designs and whole pattern tool is like a graph respectively 20 with the graph 21 are shown. Although the model includes a large number of long and narrow trigonometry ranges mediumly piece, but because punch emulates the mould in computation,handle as rigid body, because this won't be affected,emulate computation. In S of / of punch speed 2m, attrition factor 0. 12, below the craft condition of 70kN of the force that approach a limit, the result of spare parts figuration is shown 22 times like the graph. From afore-mentioned calculating that the exemple is OK see, the means that the article offers can undertake the car is enclothed effectively design of craft complement face, pressure makings face is designed and true the design that draws deep muscle. But want those who make be developed at present to enclothe a strike out form to emulate pre-treatment system STLMesher to be able to be obtained commercialize application, still need further consideration, make a system stabler for example, can solve as far as possible much actual application question, include to offer more flexible technology face to design the method, craft that how will complete a design face to output reservation, how with optimize algorithm effective join wait for a problem. These jobs remain to be solved at be in further research. 4 conclusion (1) puts forward a kind of fast car to enclothe a punch to emulate the train of thought that builds a model and method, will enclothe a punch technology design and punch figuration to emulate pre-treatment compositive, use messy triangle face piece model, the craft complement side that undertakes in the pre-treatment software of CAE parameter is changed and press makings face design. (The design of technology of punch of reseau analyse dispenses of 2) model undertakes at the same time, need not undertake special reseau analyse is divided again. Build the reseau model of mould of a complete set of automatically, for finite yuan emulation analysis is used. (3) basis punch technology program, the technology that design parameter changes is compensatory and sectional line, use the straight line segment of proper amount to approach; Will sectional line is decorated reasonably in model brim, use triangle face piece construction gives technology additional cover and control makings aspect. Craft complement face and pressed makings face to all realize parameter to change build a model, OK and convenient modification. (What 4) put forward parameter to change is true the model that pulls deep muscle establishs modular method, can build hemicycle to pull the reseau model of deep muscle and trigonometry muscle, offerred pull deep muscle neatly to assign an instrument. (5) is contained to ensure true the flow of the reseau of makings of emulation computation medium plate that pulls deep muscle, put forward board makings reseau beforehand fractionize operation, and the affirmatory method of fractionize limits, completed the development of relevant software. CNC Milling CNC Machining