Efficient Laser Cutting

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Laser Cutting is the very main an application technique in industry of laser beam machining, in recent years, development of Laser Cutting technology is rapid, development direction is more and more extensive also, of the technical innovation that is like high rate and high accuracy, innovation of automation direction, working procedure compositive change, and the abnormity face treatment with wider and wider application. The technology that carries field of all-around innovation high speed, high energy innovates Mr Zhao Bing: High speed treatment and tall productivity, and tall precision and precision stability are the characteristic that the institute of Laser Cutting machine that TRUMPF tells fast company has. Connect fast company to have technical innovation and research and development ceaselessly, the development way that with its efficient, high accuracy and tall stability redound give an user and leads installation of laser beam machining. Connect fast the innovation sex that basically assured oneself product through the following respects. Above all, the product of TruLaser 7000 series that understands fast whole world to use the two laser head, Laser Cutting opportunity that provides two CO2 laser exclusively is made in, use technology of mature drive of linear electric machinery, speed of X/Y axis linkage can amount to 304 M/min, precision of high fixed position and the oneness that duplicate the character that fixed position precision will come to assure a product and product. Because use two laser head at the same time cut workpiece, make so manufacturing efficiency twice rises. Be in for example the silicon steel of industry of domestic and international electric machinery piece with yoke of magnetism of water and electricity, use a machine of fast Laser Cutting to assure the demand of big batch production and tall precision and precision stability. Next, fast begin to produce machine of solid Laser Cutting to come from 1995 cut plank, connect to 2008 fast its laser of newest 6000W YAG of dish type solid applies at machine of dicephalous Laser Cutting, OK and sufficient body is revealed fast powerful technical innovation ability. This machine tool uses prismatic technology to be able to implement only head 6000W or cut of double head 3000W, cut mild steel is the thickest for 25mm, stainless steel is the thickest 20mm, the rate of cut metal plate is top can amount to 50m/min. Additional, connect fast partial machine tool to use odd Laser Cutting head and compositive the technology that prevents collision, the 5in that replaces a tradition completely and 7.

5in (1in=25.

4mm) cut head, realize handlers to need not change thereby cut head can cut the mild steel cut of 1 ~ 25mm, improved manufacturing efficiency further; Use special perforation to control technical PierceLine, OK and effective control punchs and reduce perforative time in order to realize 0 seconds or the perforation that are close to Yu Ling second, improved cut speed and manufacturing efficiency greatly thereby; Use a laser of fast radio frequency drive, have 20 old histories, very mature. Exceedingly good laser mode, maintenance-free laser design, laser compositive go up in the machine tool, all these are to realize what high accuracy and high speed spend to assure. The innovation of Nextpage automation respect tells an user to speak of Laser Cutting machine how implementing automation commonly, want to consider the difficult problem of 3 respects from technical level: Cover an area of the functional expansibility with big, finite area and installation layout to secure, and opposite fluctuation makings time slants long. TRUMPF connects fast company to expect to Laser Cutting machine device is on original basis up and down undertook innovating, rolled out system of new-style makings of LiftMaster Compact automatic fluctuation, this system is covered an area of compact only 25m2, expect with traditional fluctuation systematic photograph covers an area of 50% above than saving; Ability 80s has time of all fluctuation makings extremely strong but expansibility. This system is modular design, can ask in the light of the different production of the user system of sorting of patulous and automatic finished product and automation are stereo makings library, according to the field of the user at the same time the condition can come true as fore-and-aft as Laser Cutting machine transverse perhaps undertake automation expects up and down. All automation that these characteristics are a tradition expect systematic place is not had up and down, also be the distinctive innovation of this system. Abnormity machine besides afore-mentioned a few heat, more and more abnormity metals also using in all trades and professions, for instance, car, spaceflight. This posed new challenge to treatment facilities industry, these challenges basically have: Cut appearance diversity, intensity end panel of tall, cut is neat degree advanced. E.g. : Car B column, prevent bump board, deputy frame. Fast from solved these problems at 4 o'clock below: Human nature changes, outstanding simulation software; The machining workmanship of high accuracy; Through the system of strict test; Spare parts center serves in what the mainland that each district installs changes. Automation solution promotes treatment efficiency gentleman of Wang He age: Develop property of rapid new and high technology as, equipment of laser beam machining has become tradition of change manufacturing industry to machine the crucial equipment of means at present. With conventional treatment methodological photograph is compared, laser beam machining can focus energy utmost land, operate easily, treatment is flexible efficiency is tall, tall, and the characteristic that has energy-saving environmental protection. Current, the domain that its touch includes the numerous industry such as traffic of car, aerospace, medical apparatus and instruments, orbit, small to computer chip, arrive greatly plane, shipping, laser beam machining became the indispensable process instrumentation in industrial domain. 100 exceed the core competition ability that serves as an enterprise with the concept of dedicated spirit and innovation all the time, long-term since, 100 exceed retaining competition ability of 6 big core from beginning to end, namely Wu of kimono of system of the Laser Cutting machine, machine that fold a turn, control, software, automation. Current, the demand of the user has stayed in product level not only, their demand also rose to need efficient Laser Cutting from original need Laser Cutting. But the power of Laser Cutting grows indefinitely impossibly, this thought of naturally from automation respect proceed with, be in China this also is a very good chance, because the cost of manpower resource is higher and higher, safe element also wants a consideration. The automation of laser beam machining includes a lot of target, after the rate of automation rises, need is more strict to the control of metre, because of this current market need is,contain craft of product, treatment and technology inside integral solution. 100 exceed the near future the ByTrans of system of automatic fluctuation makings that rolled out Laser Cutting machine to match patent technique, this system guides an user to become the Laser Cutting expert of higher income with the simplest way, have fast, intelligence and overflow 3 big characteristics. Fast -- a complete fluctuation makings needs ByTrans only circularly 60s, in although be covered in the shortest cut,dismissing plan, also need not wait to expect up and down; Intelligence -- every position that can be close to ByTrans inside the least space, the operation is special safety, handy, automatic fluctuation expects plate thickness can amount to 25mm; Overflow -- need to invest the capital of 20% more again only, can achieve the machine tool utilization rate of 50% more, reduced operation cost to optimize working hours at the same time. The plank reserve of ByTrans and flow are cascade design, its structure is very compact, cover an area of an area very small, make the unit area of the user is produced can taller. Deserve to have ByTrans 100 exceed Laser Cutting equipment CNC Milling CNC Machining