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Summary: ? Widow climbs ⒓ of vinegar of  Piao border to attack annulus of Wan of post Qu of ⒁ of  of  of stalk of ⒄ of Mu of Xi of border of < of  of Guo of  of Qian  detailed treats Wo  to collect  of ば of commonplace of uncut jade obituary to save  of ぞ of fragrant commonplace of  of ⒃ げ Liao to take ⒎ from crazy ugly guide commonplace す . Article basis the characteristic of numerical control code, use pretreatment to control flow, the computer that solved treatment code well identifies a problem. CNC Machining is one of manufacturing segment that beneficial result can produce apparently most below CIMS environment, it can ensure a product to reach very tall treatment precision and stable treatment mass, manufacturing efficiency is tall, preparative cycle is short, can save special tooling greatly, get used to the requirement that the product changes quickly. Below CIMS environment, be aimed at diverse production process demand, need different emulator to come to those who have relevant problem to emulate. Be opposite for instance processability of functional sex, cutting, assemble a gender to wait a moment, emulation system of CNC Machining process is one of these emulator. Emulate the development with the technology that build a model as numerical control technology, computer, cutting emulation system can be used to examine the cutting tool method, treatment appearance that casts design part, had made a of test and verify of numerical control data main tool. In recent years, design to satisfy, create compositive unifinication and the demand that increase product of much breed small lot to machine quality and manufacturing efficiency in the round, we are pressing need the cutting with a more powerful function to emulate a system. It is a system of simple test and verify of cutting tool method not just, this system besides having the function that geometry emulates, if exhaustion of cutting tool of sum of errors of cutting force, cutting and the product that cause from this pledge the analysis that measures an issue calculates a function,still should have pair of physical process parameter, make make the effective tool that can machine function to undertake analytic evaluating to cutting. Tell from firm sense, already some numerical control emulate a system to still belong to a geometry to emulate system of test and verify, more is the drive code that uses knife digit to move according to regarding emulation system as imitate. And use carrier of CNC Machining information -- numerical control program is direct drive emulates a system, because considered to machine the element such as environment and treatment status, with production treatment is close to actually more, special agree with accurate, the CNC Machining with complete function is emulated. Accordingly, undertake to numerical control code reasonable and effective analysis is handled, make its become control to emulate the data that component of motion of systematic machine tool can accept, it is to build the collect below CIMS environment to machine parameter to forecast, the crucial task that the product pledges the production unit that measures an analysis emulates a system. One, in numerical control code and its characteristic CNC Machining, the machine program of the spare parts is formed by block, every block by a certain number of data word composition; The word is the material statement that controls a system, it is assemble by the English letter that shows an address, special written language and number and become. The book that block format is the word in pointing to a block, character, data writes regulation, have normally the following 3 kinds of formats: The block format of use separator, it is used at the function commonly not much and fixedder numerical control system. This format program is not direct, make mistake easily. Secure block format, this method block is long and not intuitionistic, also use rarely at present. Word - address block format. This format ends a mark to comprise by statement size word, data word and block. There is an address before each word, the permutation of the word asks orderly lax case, the digit of data but much but little, the word that does not need and as same as on one block add effect word need not be written. The advantage is a program brief, intuitionistic and examine easily, revise, accordingly, this format is being used extensively at present. Word - address block form is as follows: NGXYZ... FSTM; is current breed of numerical control system is various, formed a few performance are goodly already before international standard comes on stage mostly however code of oneself a numerical control. Although most basis ISO is mixed EIA standard, all have expansion commonly, make the code differ in thousands ways of each system. To make emulate the system can get used to a variety of numerical control systems, and can the treatment environment with bona fide real report and treatment status, identified analytic method, ability and exact extent to raise taller requirement to the computer of numerical control code. The numerical control code to each system discovers after integration analysis, although be in,is functional difference on a few code, but have the following and common characteristic again: 1) numerical control block has nothing to do for typical context grammatical, namely the environment that syntactic unit can become independent completely to may appear at its. Grammar of code of 2) numerical control is regular and simple, the amount is less. Be based on above analysis and numerical control to emulate a purpose, we need to seek the motion that abstraction and component of emulation system motion concern and state information in numerous numerical control code only, and emulate the motion in the system and state information now without the body to those. Not was necessary to engrave go more analysing, want the computer to be able to identify them only of hand-in-hand travel accidence it is OK to examine. 2, the computer of CNC Machining code identifies reach an analysis to realize overall knot composition of a picture flow chart of method of 1 pretreatment control the article is platform with Windows98, visual C++5 is development environment, be based on the successional requirement when emulation system reachs emulation fact to machining condition, emulation precision, considered code of numerical control of product of complex curved surface integratedly again giant and the buffer capacity demand that cause, process designing of Cheng of the much job that we use Win32 API, multi-line and CPU time-sharing share character, use pretreatment to control flow, the computer that solved numerical control code well identifies with the analysis to the problem. Total construction is shown 1 times like the graph. Pretreatment task is lost expensive the scanning to part program and accidence, grammar identifying, put the result cache division; Explain the task completes the scanning extraction of pair of cache area data and analysis, form emulation drive file thereby. This method machines process explanation and the good point that compile control method integratedly, assured emulated seasonable sex and efficient sex. Module of pretreatment module pretreatment uses one-way catenary to express a structure to organize management to the numerical control program of the input above all, every node that uses catenary list comes corresponding a block. The structure that one-way catenary expresses is as follows: Typedef Struct File-text{Char *text; Struct File-text *next; }File-text; is put in the block of every node in one-way catenary watch to undertake discriminating handling to protecting next, the annotate with needless purify reachs carriage return accord with, form the standard block that contains functional code words only. Turn into corresponding accidence, syntactic differentiate to examine according to address accord with again processing branch is in lexical analyzer, numerical control program all is written by standard block, record the expression string at the back of its by identifier type first, undertake an analysis by each assignment means again; Parse is the expression that produces lexical analyzer accord with in group, those who form syntactic phrase to finish grammar again is integrated. Through the pretreatment process to inputting a program, if have accidence and solecism, germanium by accident code position and wrong character record arrive in wrong message file, correct in order to wait for. amendatory program the class that put a person develops an area finally. Explanatory module pursues block diagram of structure of 2 explanations module explains module is in charge of collecting concerned command movement and state information, the change that presses athletic data displacement and speed differentiates time segment, thereby chess of Luo Dongfang true system motion, the total construction of module shows 2 times like the graph: Undertake analytic scanning through entering the data structure of cache area to existing, extraction goes out with emulate concerned action and state information. G code is the most important code in numerical control code, controlled numerical control machine tool almost all functions and main setting, must undertake reasonable, effective processing to its. From inside numerous G code we discover, the code that is as follows only and emulate about: G00 nods position control; G01 linear beat a drum fills; Beat a drum of G02/G03 circular arc fills; G17/G18/G19 coordinate face is installed; G40/G41/G42 radius is compensated; G90/G91 installs absolutely or opposite coordinate. For this, we are only right in the research in the article code of oversight other G afore-mentioned G code undertake an analysis. To make numerical control emulates a system not only can the chess imitates process of actual material geometry purify, the physics that still can reflect a treatment process is characteristic, a function that makes its become collect to treatment parameter is optimized and machine quality circumstance to forecast is over the system of Pu, we are like M code to code of a few treatment, t code, F code and S code do further analysis. To system of most numerical control, m03/M04 code represented the direction of rotation of main shaft respectively; F code, also call feed function the word, the means that is apart from with minutely feed normally assigns rate; S code defined the rotate speed of main shaft. Regard a branch as processing these 3 code, make its and G code information comprehensive, the accurate seat that can get aleatoric hour cutting tool reachs attitude. T code, namely cutting tool chooses code, base area location piles up the number at the back of T, can enter the cutting tool library of emulation system, can return relevant cutting tool geometry and physical information, the material character of the geometrical expression that is like blade of cutting tool type, model, cutting and cutting tool. Through afore-mentioned processing, we the geometrical information of the seat of cutting tool holding the post of contest that with respect to process of attainable CNC Machining accurate physics emulation place wants, attitude and blade of cutting tool cutting. These information express with the following data structure: There is a bit here notable: Afore-mentioned code all are mode instruction, namely after this field arises effective all the time, till encounter similar character statement again, original instruction value just is met invalidation. Between the research of the article, we are adopted to data structure by hind forward search is politic, after classics initial value is judged, this method is in the mode instruction status that can gain each block carry out going up is very easy. 3, conclusion as CIMS and fictitious production ceaseless progress, as the CNC Machining of production unit emulation system had produced bigger and bigger effect. To be built one can reflect the emulation system of true treatment process, must undertake to CNC Machining code above all accurate without by accident identify with the analysis, its translate into emulates drive data of the system. The article is on the foundation that analysed characteristic of numerical control code, the pretreatment that offerred convenient computer processing and analysis controls a method. This method applies what what develop successfully in the author to be based on quality to forecast in emulating a system with CNC Machining of complex curved surface. 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