The product of form a complete set of AUTOP of software of line cut process designing, CAXA

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Product introduction: One, transport of line cut program- - it is CAXA, AUTOP, YH and the product of form a complete set of software of all sorts of brand process designing, main function is the numerical control program computer makes line cut machine tool conveys to go up again after electric segregation, replace the online kind of traditional and mechanical converter, it is online and easy to solved a tradition suffer interference to make mistake, often damage computer and machine tool console, cannot remote send all sorts of issues such as number, use for a long time via a large number of clients, can stable, durable, computer mixes reflective feeling veneer controller interface again not bad also, , the program that sends the past is good also. Function and characteristic: 1, Sunday run is deferent the procedure is stable and accurate (100 meters or so) , computer can be put in appropriate working environment to use accordingly; 2, the machine tool of different manufacturer and model but at the same time online; 3, safe, durable, stable. Because breakdown of electromagnetism interference, machine tool, power source is flabby,eliminated wait for external cause surely and create burn down computer the critical factor of collateral mouth and console interface circuit; 4, use convenient. Input a mouth with head of of all kinds cable (12V, 24V, 110V) , synchronism and mouth of respondent form news report are compatible, do not need to change any line of motive bed; Professional little knowledge: Mechanical converter undertakes use tradition online, be equal to computer and gas phase of machine tool report to connect, its weakness performance is in: 1, when sending number, often make mistake stop machine, block is counted relatively a long time cannot be finished at all deferent; Because computer and machine tool console are by integrated circuit and electron circuit is comprised,this is, internal resistance is taller, extremely easy induction arrives interference signal, the machine tool with manufacturing various sites is when movement itself also is an interference source, undertake disturbing through loop of electrified wire netting, those who affected a program is deferent. 2, often burn down computer is collateral mouth and console interface circuit; Should disturb energy enough big, or often electrified unplug insert communication outlet, or mechanical converter switch is undesirable, can form instantaneous high pressure, attack equipment; Machine tool amount is more, damage degree taller; Final result: Should change namely computer and machine tool console. 3, the cause as a result of interference, computer must with the machine tool recent distance is used; Manufacturing site the environment is poorer, and family expenses computer is not had dustproof, water-vapor proof, defend the measure such as interference, the trouble that causes computer so soars. Investigate discovery, afore-mentioned circumstance is very common in the user. Program transport, since protector, it is stable and accurate communication implement, online all problems metropolis be readily solved! CNC Milling CNC Machining