How to choose vertical machining center?

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When buying vertical machining center, a lot of people do not know how to choose, buying which gift after all is good. When does collect give everybody simple introduction below. Accommodation of vertical machining center: ① is special get used to the machine tool of tigidity of treatment circumstance ② at reciprocate of high speed of main shaft box to want to hold fault rate concurrently the manufacturing situation with low, good dependability. Tall tigidity of ③ short throat depth is compact model the structure matchs big torque device to produce efficiency to raise 30% above, apply to carry on one's shoulder of black metal heavy burden to machine. The requirement that understands oneself 1.

What should make clear you to think need uses bought vertical machining center to do? Unidentified and OK advisory businessman. 2.

Want bought product type certainly, want to get in touch with the businessman above all, lest the product of your place need appears condition of be in short supply, be like be in short supply, we can appoint to you according to your demand appropriate your product. 3.

Should you place bought product where? It is big it is small, understand good measure, lest small placement does not leave the space. 4.

After putting a space to handle, should check the area or mesa is smooth, ensure place a product smoothly again later. CNC Milling CNC Machining