The first many passageway of Chinese is modular numerical control system comes out in Dalian

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On July 11, from Dalian equipment production base comes out good news: The first many passageway of Chinese is modular numerical control system comes out in Dalian, its are main technical index achieves international congener product level. This mark is worn our country gains revolutionary headway in the research and development of sphere of device of most advanced numerical control, before will breaking this all the time by the situation of foreign forestall. Dalian east limited company of letter automation engineering also becomes 3 water chestnut companies of Japan of the afterwards on the world to wait from this after crossing national big company the 4th can research and development the company of this kind of product. According to introducing, current, the majority of numerical control system that factory of domestic machine tool uses is only channel control, namely the treatment that a machine tool can complete a process at the same time only. The main distinction that this one system is the same as the numerical control system that at present factory of domestic machine tool uses generally depends on much passageway of the system controlling, can realize mill at the same time, grind, get the treatment that waits for 16 above working procedure and start, and at present system of domestic numerical control, even if the most advanced 5 axes linkage, also can complete the treatment of a working procedure at the same time only. This is equivalent to be in a many passageway is modular the treatment that achievable past amounts to 16 machine tools at most on machine tool of numerical control system, a machine tool is equal to almost " between Xiaoche " , saved workpiece to hold calorie of time already, effect twice rises, still save manpower resource, raised workpiece to machine precision. Those who achieve this one historic breakthrough is abroad homecoming student -- Qi Fang. Qi Fang ever read Yuribendong university of Beijing electric machinery. 2002, he founded Dalian as abroad student investment east limited company of letter automation engineering, special research and development has international the numerical control system of the most advanced level. Come 3 years, qi Fang throws many yuan 300 in all for this. Occupy Qi Fang to divulge, although system of numerical control of much passageway module is developed came out, but if do not have solid capital support, want implementation to commercialize run, it is very difficult to form industrialization. The country thinks about the branch, the development of this product is successful, will from go up at all the integral technology level that raises equipment of homebred numerical control and market competition ability, the development of manufacturing industry of stimulative China equipment. At present Dalian east the invention patent of the letter already entered announcement phase, obtain ministry of national science and technology fund of innovation of medium and small businesses 800 thousand yuan aid financially. CNC Milling CNC Machining