The structural characteristic of grinding machine of numerical control tool

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The linear velocity of tall, rigid good emery wheel is precision of component of grinding spindle of grinding machine of numerical control tool commonly 30~60m/s, CBN emery wheel can be as high as 150~200m/s, 15000r/min of turn up of highest main shaft. Main shaft unit is the crucial part of grinder, unit to high speed high accuracy system should have tigidity precision of good, circumgyrate tall, temperature rise small, stability low, life grows good, power comsumption, the character of cost moderate. The bearing of grinding spindle unit often uses high accuracy scroll bearing, liquid is static press bearing of dynamic pressure of bearing, liquid, activity to press bearing. In recent years high speed is mixed super- high speed grinder is increasing use part of unit of electric main shaft. The unit of feed of unit of tall accurate feed that uses low speed not to have crawl includes servo drive component, scroll component, position to monitor unit to wait. Feed unit is the requirement that retains emery wheel to work normally, it is one of main index that evaluate grinder performance. Requirement feed unit operates agile, resolution tall, trends answers precision of tall, fixed position fast, want to have bigger acceleration already, should have again enough large driving force. The plan with feed commonly used unit is hand in, the feed plan of dc servo electromotor and combination of scroll guide screw or linear servo electromotor are direct the plan of drive. The transmission cable length of two kinds of plan is very short, basically be to reduce mechanical transmission error. Two kinds of plan are to rely on electromotor to come timing, inverting. Grinding machine of numerical control tool has tall static stiffness, move stiffness and hot stiffness the fundamental component that emery wheel wearing, head wearing, rear push frame, workbench, lathe bed, pillar is numerical control grinder, its design production technology is those who assure grinder quality is essential. Grinding machine of numerical control tool needs to have perfect and auxiliary unit, auxiliary unit includes work the system of supply of juice of the sudden fit that hold clip, efficient grinding, safe guard, main shaft and system of emery wheel dynamic balancing, processing system that cut bits. CNC Milling CNC Machining