Infrared ray solders new method

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Infrared ray solders new method Kubota Research Associates (KRA, research of an United States and development company) developed a kind to feel plastic with Yu Min spare parts infrared ray is penetrable (TTIR) soldering advanced method. The equipment of P wave TTIR of this burgeoning company can arise polychromatic (much wavelengh) infrared energy, is not the sort of monochromatic that laser beam welding receives place to use (Chan Bo is long) infrared energy. KRA company president Mr Masnori Kubota alleges, p wave offerred to solder transparent, translucence and chromatic spare parts and filmy new method, the range with the plastic project that it can solder is all-time and broad. Solder with laser same, p wave mixes infrared energy focusing in infrared transparency the area between infrared absorbency part, make interfacial part fuse. This kind fuses plus the pressure that bring to bear on, was together spare parts felt. But, kubota says, p wave is one kind is received than infrared laser beam welding more accurate, more good-tempered with cost lower solder method. KRA company thinks, soldering the film that cell of electron, car and medical treatment component, fuel and place of biology liquid bag use and respect of spare parts of certain composite material, their technology surpasses infrared laser beam welding to receive. The exterior blemish of the spare parts (ablation) decrease greatly. Allegedly, cooperate the technology of KRA and corresponding wavelengh transducer to use, can undertake so accurate guiding to infrared energy, as a result is mixed like the polymer that contain fluorine get together ether aether ketone (PEEK) such high temperature resistant polymer solders to TTIR for the first time become compliant. The John Long of officer of presiding technology of company of working principle KRA of P wave says, the power that supplies P wave equipment is 300 with 500W. The system includes an infrared lamp (haloid, xenon or metallic halide) and the optical focusing plant that gets patent protection and transducer of wavelengh of KRA company proprietary. The very neat solder that equipment produces a diameter to be 5mm about is nodded, grating scanner can use machine hand to enlarge solder side to accumulate. Of the bandwidth that the infrared lamp of KRA company and optical device generation pass filter light, cone-shaped beam of light, this beam of light infrared energy accurate ground, deeply illuminate receives interfacial area in solder, make local nicety solders become a possibility. The optical part that gets patent protection goes to focusing of infrared beam of light such rate, it can shoot as a result greatly plastic spare parts is interior, reduced the loss to spare parts surface again at the same time. Mr Long says, below great majority circumstance, p wave solders cooperating wavelengh transducer to use is most effective. Transducer is a plastic film that uses make it of infrared absorbency material, take or the model cuts unit, it is put in solders spare parts above or above. Transducer resembles a camera lens going to focusing of energy of infrared beam of light euqally on solder abutment face, energy shedding density rose 300% , accelerate the fused rate of weld zone region thereby. Transducer is OK according to solder the appearance of contact will undertake designing, this will be helpful for 2D or of 3D connect solder. This kind of equipment can solder material of filmy, chip, cloth, sheet, canal and shape spare parts. Wavelengh transducer is OK natural (infrared ray is transparent) material solders bag and container, for example polyethylene blood and biology liquid bag. These are flexible container can replace the PVC bag that uses at present, avoid to burning thereby the risk that toxic gas produces when these vinyl bag. P wave device still can solder to be mixed without the bag that spin cloth what do with film of DuPont company Tyvek is medical bag cloth. Another utility is the bag of the polymer that contain fluorine that uses in biology and environmental sampling regulations. KRA wavelengh transducer can raise infrared absorptivity greatly, so that compare its,other places law can solder more extensive data. Besides polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene and other polyolefin, the material that can solder still includes the most polymer that contain fluorine and get together ether aether ketone (PEEK) , get together ether - acyl inferior amine (PEI, namely the Ultem brand of GE company) , get together acyl inferior polyethylene of quantity of element of amine, freeboard, get together carbonic acid fat, nylon, shrink mellow colophony, pvc, TPO and other TPE kind polymer. Mr Kubota says, a few kinds of utility that use method of bind agent felt at present can convert it seems that it seems that this kind of method. The example of his adduce is to use get together acyl inferior the printed circuit of amine film felt board, the fuel cell that uses felt of the polymer that contain fluorine and with get together ether aether ketone and get together ether - acyl inferior the black lead that amine regards bind as the agent or charcoal fiber composite material. And, differ with existing method, KRA company transducer is to be able to repeat use, soldering be not used up in the process, also won't enter go inside the spare parts. Infrared laser beam welding is received use more costly method, a need in two spare partses be solderinged contains infrared absorbency additive or coating. According to KRA company report, system of its a 300W has been a medical apparatus and instruments of American to produce business place to use, but this company rejects to give self-identity. This device is used undertake polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS is mixed get together carbonic acid fat of medical apparatus and instruments solder, because of hangover won't arise after soldering. KRA company says, p wave equipment does not have infrared laser or ultrasonic system is expensive in that way. The price of hardware of basic P wave equipment is about 20, 000 dollars, cheaper than infrared laser equipment half comes 1/3. Allegedly, equipment dimension fare is very low also. The weight of infrared bareheaded is less than 4 pounds, can install easily use on automatic product line. KRA system also does not need to protect operation personnel with screen device. The infrared ray that contains all sorts of color is transparent the spare parts can solder successful. Solve 3R (reclaim reoccupy, fill outfit, maintenance again) system of problem P wave is returned but have the aid of is together at having riveting only, in the meantime, still can ravel the spare parts later. Or, fastener can be infrared ray is transparent, solder fastener on the base material that can draw infrared ray. KRA company depicts its fastener into bind agent, mechanical fastener (screw and bolt) the substitute with what heat up pile law. Kubota says, they have very high join strength, as mechanical perhaps as bind agent close solid photograph is compared, the amount that links contact can decrease 50% . When need disassembles, this kind of fastener can be ravelled very quickly. The utility of a kind of new development is the car door plank that is used at going all out by two to close, according to the report, this kind of dismountable fastener can increase the stiffness of the door, reduce door weight and spare parts amount, make this kind of door is maintained more easily. What KRA company is studying the close firm system it is used at printer color ink box is dismountable of cap solder and heal. Cap is solid, prevent leak and durable; But, after giving out when ink box, can be without attaint ground to ravel it again. Microscopical laser beam welding and microscopical compare tool of laser beam welding of TIG solder quite repair and microscopical rehabilitate of TIG solder tool, must consider the actor weakness of both. Every kinds of method has striking feature, agree with specific repair application. Microscopical laser beam welding has clear advantage on welding line quality. Laser is soldering the hot input in the process is very low, because this solders,the heat all round the dot affects an area (HAZ) the smallest also. When repair grain face or when polishing face, this are very advantageous, and do not have all round the welding line that forms finally cave, do not look to give welding line almost after machine treatment again. In addition in stimulate beam of light to be able to enter hole, want this area to allow only at least 15 the solder of ° bundle. Microscopical laser beam welding is soldering there also is apparent weakness on the process. Laser head is fixed, laser head and microscope make in order to visits the area that is soldered clear together. This makes clear compared with TIG solder fire, laser beam welding must control workpiece. This has challenge sex not only, and because every are soldered,workpiece needs to secure and make investment does not poor. because such, laser beam welding is compared microscopical of TIG solder solder the process is gotten slow much, because this is costly,also get much. Clamping apparatus of result laser welder is the same as laser (it is 3 ~ normally above of 100 thousand dollar) reach its upkeep costs is euqally high. Microscopical because TIG solder is microscopical TIG solder is the technology that a course confirms, because this is reasonable, the method of the repair tool with economic economy. Typical microscopical TIG solder is passed microscopical solder fire has welder pilot solder, application accepts restriction scarcely. TIG solder is righter than laser beam welding the speed of the apply of solder path frit of any dimension is gotten quickly much. Cave can be in by easily control a few inches of less than, solder the odd that equipment and the charge that its maintain are laser beam welding only. As a whole, what should use only is the price reasonable microscopical welder, with microscopical the cost of tool of TIG solder rehabilitate is inferior. Microscopical because its requirement to heating up an input compares laser beam welding to be gotten high,the defect of TIG solder basically is much. The workpiece that is soldered must be gone to by warm-up specific temperature (the sort of rolled steel is different and the basis is different) , after causing, heat process and clear the process is longer. Not only such, the quantity of heat that when soldering, needs makes workpiece is out of shape probably also, especially figure is subtle, small wall and long and round workpiece. Microscopical the hot influence area that TIG solder compares laser beam welding is large, restricted mould business badly to mask polishing extent or the ability of the welding line of grain face. Microscopical laser beam welding and microscopical the advantage that TIG solder Dou Youming shows and defect. Below current technical level, microscopical laser beam welding is replaced microscopical TIG solder is unworkable, and microscopical the welding line that TIG solder produces also cannot be inputted with the low heat of laser beam welding rival. Each has his strong point of two kinds of methods, ought to be all equipment excellent microscopical the applied choice of welder factory. In microscopical solder domain, about microscopical of laser beam welding arisen whether can replace microscopical TIG solder and the discussion of the optimal method that makes repair tool is continual. On one hand, laser manufacturer says laser beam welding will be replaced microscopical TIG solder, because of machine of laser beam welding solder the effect is outstanding. On the other hand, if enquire great majority,famous TIG solders factory, they can say laser beam welding occupies them only at present of workload very few one part (1% ~ 5% ) , because this is undeserved,invest on laser. Is what what blame? CNC Milling CNC Machining