Common breakdown analyses appearance of manufacturing process automation

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Current, the automation technology of our country still is in development link, to its research and develop demand bearing to suit continuously. Of the development of science and technology and knowledge make newlier equipment also produced constant change, make the progress that conventional device achieved automation, precision to change, the structure of mechanical equipment is more complex also, more support automation appearance begins the work. One, common breakdown and reason automation produce appearance of manufacturing process automation to live with the production of people closely related, and its apply also compare extensive, can provide favorable environment and atmosphere for people, make equipment runs more scientific, safety, make the comprehensive promotion of work efficiency. Decrease at the same time use up and cost expenses, can create bigger economic benefits for the enterprise. But a lot of breakdown also can appear in the process here, make production gets huge influence and limitation. Appearance of automation of division credit analyse is common breakdown is very necessary it is important to mix, can undertake accurate analysis to breakdown, understand the reason that breakdown produces, adopt significant step to undertake settlement, make the applied effect of automation appearance more scientific and reasonable. 1, the control valve of appearance of automation of control valve problem has very wide application range, the probability that its breakdown produces is higher also, as a result of control valve inside, the difference with the bigger difference of service life existence such as accessory, because this management is very important. Undertake an analysis to the breakdown of different appearance control valve, the maintenance that makes specific aim plan, make administrative effect very good. Analyse the reason of control valve occurrence breakdown through forming a plan, form following plans. The main reason that control valve breakdown appears is accessory process of existence problem, control and dish the root leaks and inside leak, occupy in the overall frequency of breakdown happening 7 into above. The card of control valve is blocked up also is the problem that often appears, when automation appearance initial investment is produced, because the problem such as broken bits of ferruginous, solder exists in conduit,meet, make the problem such as reduce expenditure mouth appears the circumstance that jam, bring about medium cannot quite expedite current, when overhauling control valve, filling is spent closely bigger, have very great attrition power, appear when small signal, basically not movement, if signal is bigger, behavioral extent has been met big. 2, after pressure controls appearance question pressure to control appearance to indicate occurrence wave motion, the normative sex that operates to craft with respect to need undertakes checking, actually of a lot of breakdown appearing is craft is operated or adjuster parameter is installed undeserved those who cause. Appearance of pressure control system if overload, with respect to meeting occurrence breakdown, with respect to need the examination brings about tracheal system to appear the reason that jam, if did not appear,jam problem, with respect to need clear pressure changes send implement output system has general reason of as good as besides, if appear,jam, survey demonstrative system with respect to meeting examination and maintenance control, time change the equipment with use longer fixed number of year. 3, because factitious element is caused,the account that factitious element produces occurrence malfunction of process automation instrument still is a little, insufficient to the care and maintenance of automation appearance, maintain the method is incorrect also, cannot effective abidance is relevant technical data. The quality when purchasing material does not reach the designated position, technology operation, the occurrence change such as the pressure that handles for instance, temperature and medium. In addition, environmental element also can affect the odds that the service life of automation appearance and breakdown produce. 2, the appearance of automation of means of settlement of common breakdown runs meter of manufacturing process automation benefit of meeting influence industry, because this needs to had been done,detect the job, reduce the account that breakdown appears, achieve enterprise beneficial result smoothly. 1, choose to detect suitably the common breakdown of appearance of the automation in process of breakdown method production detects need is used detect suitably method, undertake to automation appearance signal measures a way overhauling be used normally, signal measures law cent for avometer, logistic pen is measured, oscillograph is measured wait for a method. The method that avometer measures overhauls personnel to wait to automation appearance through avometer namely undertake checking, understand the join situation of circuit, make clear its to whether be put in the problem, if all-purpose occurrence problem, with respect to need overhaul personnel makes clear the position of occurrence breakdown, adopt significant step to undertake maintaining. The logistic circumstance that measurement technique is pair of integrated circuit undertakes logistic pen detect, if appear unusual, make clear the problem of breakdown through logistic pen with respect to need. The circumstance such as the voltage that the method that oscillograph measures is pair of automation appearance, weaveform has check without on the rails. 2, the management that strengthens automation appearance and safeguard in automation appearance management, the management that needs to had made circuit board, chip mainly is safeguarded, if automation appearance appears problem, as a result of,the likelihood is circuit board, chip abnormal, be like circuit board occurrence problem, use with respect to need reserve board undertake changing, if the damage of circuit board is not serious, can let overhaul personnel to undertake maintaining, make sure circuit board can continue to use. When chip damages, overhaul personnel can be used with the overhaul method with circuit same board undertakes. Have some of time next, from it is circuit board it seems that apparently or the problem of chip, but after often be being overhauled actually, did not discover fault, find out the reason that the problem is with respect to need maintenance technician at this moment, solve effectively then. 3, the place that the overhaul job maintenance technician that becomes good maintenance technician needs to make clear automation instrument occurrence malfunction, before overhaul personnel wants to appear in breakdown, hind adjust the integral position that run, after understanding runs state, cut off the power. Have thorough observation to the parts of an apparatus of equipment, especially the place of wiring, because the run time of equipment is longer, the problem that because this line appears easily,scorchs. Overhaul personnel should examine circuit and plug-in unit, put through power source, to equipment medicinal powder hot circumstance undertakes an analysis, if breakdown is more serious, cut off the power immediately with respect to need. 3, last word: The article basically is opposite the common breakdown that produces process automation appearance, produce a reason to wait undertake an analysis, put forward to settle strategy effectively. Automation instrument occurrence malfunction can make manufacturing effect is affected, affect the successful implementation of enterprise benefit. The use time of automation appearance is longer, need technology personnel does good overhaul work, avoid breakdown problem effectively, make automation appearance can move normally. Bibliographical reference: [1] Ma Yinjuan.

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