SolidWorks rolls out software of 64 yuan of CAD, analysises

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Company of SolidWorks of vendor of 3D mechanical design software released yuan of version SolidWorksCAD software and 64 newest COSMOS designs to analyse software in SolidWorksWorld2006 exposition, in order to improve the efficiency that the engineer handles large assembly parts. Jie of these two software is worn the expression of MicrosoftWindowsXPProfessionalx64 exercise system and but expanding, let remember system capacity to obtain 8 sign truly yuan, allow an user designing etc of machinery of the heavy equipment, factory that pack when large facility, can show, the assembly parts that revise and analyses any dimension, and do not be restricted component amount. Comparative 32 yuan of exercise system, 64 yuan the function makes SolidWorks and COSMOS can access more multiple memory system, let the engineer can be restricted because of what remember a capacity no longer and need a large assembly parts to divide processing watchman'sing clapper. Production equipment of the towel that occupy paper, package machine, presswork ThadPerkins of chairman of department of mechanical project of planish machine and mechanical company of PaperConverting of special and mechanical manufacturer expresses, use new SolidWorks and COSMOS software, make them achievable by more than 45, the part that 000 spare partses are assembled and becomes, and in efficiency, productivity, access client database and product quality to go up to all promote somewhat. These two software assist IntelXeonEM64T and AMDOpteron processor, and be can perfect play Microsoft64 first most the application software of yuan of exercise system function. Both all stock version of 12 kinds of languages, will sell at having the whole world next week. CNC Milling CNC Machining