Float clamp orgnaization of two-way centering clamp

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The summary introduced float clamp the structural characteristic of orgnaization of two-way centering clamp and working principle, this orgnaization has important real significance keyword in batch production: Float clamp 1 foreword is undertaking orgnaization of two-way centering clamp on the automatic machine bed that batch produces or product line of modular machine tool, often encounter a few make the irregular swing tower with standard fixed position with semifinished product surface kind spare parts. As a result of this kind of spare parts its itself is existing to cast an error, make sure its are right very hard so the requirement that counteracts even clamp, this is the issue that project technology personnel discusses in effort. We pass many practice, designed float clamp orgnaization of two-way centering clamp, solved the float clamp problem when making fixed position radical allow with semifinished product surface. This orgnaization is having very important real sense in big batch production. Clamp of float of 2 jobs principle the main job principle of orgnaization of two-way centering clamp is: When the dimension of the workpiece that be held by clip has an error, inside the range that claw of its two pairs of card is designing undertake automatically modulatory, carry the compensation action of steel ball and cone, in making place held work to be opposite, make clamping force even action blocks claw to go up in 4. Its job process is analysed as follows. Graph sketch map of 1 calorie of ungual positions explains to facilitate, the plan a shown Ⅰ , Ⅱ , Ⅲ , Ⅳ blocks claw 4 times to divide two pairs by mutual and perpendicular direction. Clip is beyond exemple, pursue according to transmission principle (2) seeing a picture, at this moment the 3 awl outside be being inserted respectively cover the lever that with Ⅰ , Ⅱ this is linked together to blocking claw the Kong Zhong of 4, the lever that with Ⅲ , Ⅳ this is linked together to blocking claw 9 in inserting inner cone to cover the hole of 6 respectively. Those who need a specification is, what the graph shows 2 times is the lever that there is claw of a card only severally in claw of two pairs of card is inserted respectively merely inside, outside the working circumstance when awl is covered. When oil cylinder pull rod 7 towards the left move when, pull move pull rod to cover 8, ball of oppressive steel 5, the awl outside be being driven through cone is covered 4 cover with inner cone 6 at the same time towards the left moves. Awl is covered outside 4 drive lever 3, inner cone is covered 6 drive lever 9, drive the card claw that is linked together to it severally 1, slide block 2 with card claw 11, slide block 10 movements, if pursue,2 are shown. In clamp process, assume workpiece is existing fixed position on size error, grade is the claw of this pair of card of Ⅰ , Ⅱ to contact workpiece first, the workpiece of another pair of distances blocking claw that grade is Ⅲ , Ⅳ still differs L1(of Δ of a clearance sets two calories of claw to be apart from work space the value is equal, namely) of Ⅳ of L of Δ of = of Δ L Ⅲ , right now outside awl is covered 4 although get steel ball the active force of 5, but already clipped workpiece as a result of claw of card of the Ⅰ that is linked together with its, Ⅱ , the journey is restricted S, awl is covered beyond place 4 cannot towards the left is mobile. And inner cone is covered 6 as a result of the Ⅲ that is linked together with its, Ⅳ two calories of claw are worth with the clearance of workpiece severally equal, because this inner cone is covered 6 in steel ball the action of 5 falls, can generation and outside awl covers the opposite slippage of 4, namely towards the left is mobile, after till Ⅲ , Ⅳ this all moves to be apart from clamp workpiece likewise to blocking claw, stop, the size that its shift is apart from namely error compensation is worth size, decide by the structural parameter of the design. Graph 2 drive principle pursues 1.

  of Ⅰ blocking claw 2, 10.

Slide block 3, 9.

Lever 4.

Awl is covered outside 5.

Steel ball 6.

Inner cone is covered 7.

Pull rod 8.

Pull rod is covered 11.

Blocking what above of ungual Ⅲ   discusses is the circumstance when the clearance that Ⅲ , Ⅳ blocks claw one pair this to be apart from workpiece is equal. Be in when workpiece slant mix condition, namely the L of Δ of ≠ of Ⅲ of clearance Δ L that Ⅲ , Ⅳ blocks claw to leave work Ⅳ (assume Ⅳ of L of Δ of < of Δ L Ⅲ ) when, such is in when clamp, the phase that covers as a result of awl of inside and outside moves slippage and make block ungual Ⅰ of ungual Ⅲ and card, Ⅱ to contact workpiece at the same time. In Ⅰ blocking claw, Ⅱ , Ⅲ while below action, workpiece has the tendency with the mobile way that blocks ungual Ⅳ to what do not produce sanction effect. Right now, below the active force of Ⅲ blocking claw, workpiece is met automatically to not controlled controlled direction is mobile, make Ⅳ of L of Δ of = of Δ L Ⅲ , after 4 card claw uses force clamp work equably, stop next. Be being narrated before is the movement with ungual card of the Ⅲ after Ⅰ , Ⅱ blocks claw to contact workpiece first, Ⅳ , when Ⅲ , Ⅳ blocks claw to contact workpiece first, the behavioral course with ungual card of Ⅰ , Ⅱ is analysed method and afore-mentioned completely consistent. After clamp movement is finished, workpiece is opposite automatically in, clamping force is even action blocks claw to go up in 4. The clamp of workpiece is right in precision and repeat fixed position precision to all make precision assure by chuck. To the workpiece chuck of big diameter, use in workmanship the method that exceeds cutting tool of hard hard alloy to build calorie of blade tooth area is used after whole is assembled, will compensate the error in assembling dimension. Grind through repairing adjust mat, can adjust the clearance of the orgnaization, repeat fixed position precision in order to rise. The main structure characteristic of orgnaization of clamp of 3 structures characteristic is as follows: (Adjusting range of 1) workpiece error is big, design index sheet is ungual error adjustment value is ± 3.

5mm, namely one-way and actual can amount to 7mm, the change that can get used to large quantities of semifinished product in estimating production asks. (2) clamping force is large, active force of input oil cylinder is 100kN, actual 4 ungual clip hold power most greatly 250kN. (Precision of 3) fixed position is tall, repeat fixed position precision for 0.

02mm. (4) structure is reliable, make easily. Graph diagram of 3 clamp orgnaization 1.

Clamping apparatus body 2.

Steel ball 3.

Inner cone is covered 4.

Awl is covered outside 5.

Lever 6.

Bearing pin 7.

Slide block 8.

T pressing plate 9.

  of Ⅰ blocking claw 10.

Cover board 11.

Pull set 12.

Adjust mat 13.

Gap of compensation of 4 calories of ungual errors calculates Ⅲ blocking claw by working principle knowable, steel ball and the centroid motion contrail that cone error compensates ball of the steel in the orgnaization are along outside awl is covered 4 or inner cone covers the surface of 6 to make translation (the 4) that be like a graph, the size that blocks claw to compensate a value to workpiece error depends on the dimension of steel ball diameter and cone. Tolerancepublic errand is cast in what the work that be held by clip considers in the design, compensation of claw extraction sheet is Δ L = 3. 5mm, lever comparing is L1/L2 = 2. 5, such, ball of the steel in compensating an orgnaization is mixed in the level perpendicular the largest mobile space of two direction is = of Ly of Δ of Δ Lx = 2. 5, Δ L = 8. 75mm, gap of compensation of the biggest error is Δ Lmax = between two card claw 7mm of = of 2 Δ L, this already can satisfy the tolerancepublic errand requirement of general semifinished product. Graph 4   should block ungual clamp main structure sees the graph is shown 3 times. Float clamp orgnaization of two-way centering clamp because its unique structure, and conduce to in batch production improve manufacturing efficiency, special apply to numerical control machine tool and modular machine tool. Be worth what carry is, this kind of structure also can be used on lathe chuck, want to match oil cylinder of a motivation to be able to be used only. This orgnaization uses the clip claw of different specifications through changing, still can place hold unsymmetrical prejudicial workpiece (the 5) that be like a graph, also can design special clip claw to place hold all sorts of abnormity. Graph the structural characteristic that the article introduced clamp orgnaization mixes 55 last words working principle, solved clamping apparatus to design medium float clamp issue, this orgnaization has important real sense in big batch production. Create the referenced value with also have fair to the design of chuck. CNC Milling CNC Machining