The electric drive of blaze cut machine is controlled

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Blaze cut machine is the length that in order to presses casting base the demand, cut becomes specified cut lengths, and the equipment that sulfur of section of base extraction casting imprints, its electric drive control parts to be mixed by the shift of gun of the drive a vehicle of blaze cut car, cut litre fall 3 parts composition. 1, of cut car walk along travel cut car to walk along the electric drive control of travel to basically consider the following aspects: (1) is when regular cut, cut car goes travel is only return condition, and when taking cut afore, cut car is clamp on casting base with casting base synchronism passivity moves, speed is with casting base is pulled fast consistent. (The process of casting base cut with whole 2) includes base head cut, sample cut (sulfur imprints need cut) , base end cut, final a variety of means such as cut of an end semifinished product, the condition that accordingly cut machine walks and stop to the position depends on cut means and be decided. Particular control procedure will reach a function in automation of Lian Zhu foundation this one chapter tries to narrate in detail. (3) to assure the accuracy of cut scale, when demand cut car is returned, locate truly definitely (include initiative, cut a head, the base that cut trail etc) be in before reaching scale place 300, decelerate begins when 500 Mm. (4) cut car once driving speed and decelerate speed are adjusted after deciding changeless, because this does not need,assign continuously. Normally cut car uses brake of alternating current machine, frequency control, electromagnetism. 2, electric drive controls translation of gun of cut of cut gun translation to basically consider the following aspects: (When 1) cuts gun translation, its bear is in very gently normally 0.

5kW is the following. (2) to assure cut quality, requirement translation rate is stable, static difference spends ≤ 0.

5% . (3) presses cut craft demand, cut gun translation should be slow fast case cut, middling speed cut, high speed is returned, timing scope controls a consideration by 100mm/min commonly. (4) is planted as a result of the temperature of casting base, steel, section is different, rate of translation of demand cut gun is successive and adjustable. Because translation of this cut gun must use system of high accuracy timing, if dc enrages transmission, brilliant brake provides reversible device power supply, through weak magnetism implementation high speed returns shift. Cut gun rises falling is positional control does not have special requirement only, because this is used,communicate squirrel cage electric machinery can. CNC Milling CNC Machining