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The manufacturing demand that changes ceaselessly to answer and the workpiece stuff that have challenge sex more and more, technology of cutting cutting tool is developing quickly. Current machining plant need waits for their cutting cutting tool and tool supplier with look one kind with different in the past kind. Ink Media=screen Href="http://e-cuttech.


Css" Type=text/css Rel=stylesheet> pursues the cutting cutting tool with 1 right advanced choice, can from go up at all change treatment craft, improve the productivity of job shops, for example, the job shops that the cutting tool that uses Diamond Innovations firm can realize the hard turning with slashing condition to machine pursuit to manufacture efficiency higher still can machine speed to rise and use new cutting tool. The treatment craft with;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to if a kind of new cutting tool is OK rapidder rate, raise metallic excision rate considerably thereby, it can be a workshop with a kind of more striking pattern managing finished cost. That is to say, cutting tool can give more work through making every production number is machined, and the productivity that improves a workshop effectively (graph 1) . Raise cutting tool life and treatment rate these two kinds of craft improved measure to represent important investment redound way, and the main reason that uses efficient cutting tool. But, the exploration of all sorts of way that improve technology to using cutting tool not should at this point go no further, because cutting tool still has larger latent capacity, can realize more cost managing. The job shops that devotes oneself to to improve its productivity needs hard to explore all sorts of different kind, make can be extended not only or accelerate existing treatment craft into cutting tool first, and still can change treatment craft. 1 change is gotten cut Andrew Hunter of manager of product of company of craft Rocision Dormer to list to look be like simple, was ignored badly actually those who improve cutting tool is paradigmatic. He analysed current nicety to get the current situation that cuts processing technique, point out, it is nowadays in a lot of aperture treatment, had needed to use reamer no longer. Can make a taller than past quality standard bit with taller cost effectiveness now, the Kong Jia that makes job shops cuts working procedure to be able to obtain a need through getting merely likely thereby is versed in precision and quality ask. But, in a lot of job shops, the traditional hole that digs hole of bore with a reamer of → of bore of centering aperture → machines working procedure to had been used to nature, so that very the origin that realises flow of this kind of working procedure is needless finished cost only. Rocision Dormer company often to job shops to table a proposal, certain bore with a reamer cuts working procedure to may not be necessary completely. Through changing cutting parameter, use the bit that already comparatived roughly in what use with the workshop, with respect to the likelihood treatment gives the opening that accords with quality requirement. If short of quality asks, this company can be helped the workshop is searched for quickly and evaluate the other broach with much better function. Although the price of this kind of new broach is a bit a few more expensive, but with in the leave out in aperture treatment managing cost photograph compares needless cutting tool and place of the time that change a knife, the cost that new broach raises appears negligible. 2 other technology change Bill Tisdall of expert of company product development participated in Shanteweikekeleman the test that major new-style cutting tool devises this company and improve the work. He thinks, through other all sorts of means undertake essential sex change to cutting tool technology, can improve productivity significantly. He urges job shops to consider to use correct cutting tool to be able to bring seriously the following these potential benefit: Graph the 2 CoroTurn HP cutting tool that can use high-pressured refrigeration technology pursue the 3 QS tool systems that use Shanteweikekeleman to be Swiss type lathe to develop, can does cutting tool fast, automatic locking reach the designated position 1 make full use of the progress of machine tool technology that whether can the cutting tool technology that you use machine tool property make becoming commonner and commonner nowadays gets sufficient and effective play? A when increasingly common machine tool technology progresses important and paradigmatic go up in newfangled machine tool namely, already began technology of refrigeration of popular maximum pressure. And the cutting tool that seldom counts job shops to use only can make the machine tool nowadays is offerred likely already 70 cling to the technical advantage of high-pressured cooling fluid is obtained make full use of. CoroTurn HP cutting tool of Shanteweikekeleman (graph 2) can make full use of the advantage with cooling high pressure. Gather accurately at a bit of upper part of blade of lathe tool cutting through circulating high-pressured cooling fluid, this cutting tool can circulate cooling fluid translate into wedge of a water, accelerate the rate that discharge bits thereby, processing difficult treatment data (like alloy of Incond 718 high temperature) when, cutting tool life can raise 50% , cutting rate can rise 20% . 2 shrink the system of Coromant Capto knife handle that the company develops Shanteweikekeleman already made time of knife of be dressed in a Chinese-style jacket and trousers the occupation standard that treatment of a kind of turning changes cutting tool quickly. Use Capto knife handle, can realize changing cutting tool or another kind of new knife to be reached the designated position by fast locking, and need not adjust cutting tool position or set cutting tool to slant again buy quantity. Concept of same Coromant Capto technology also can apply at rotating cutting tool, accordingly, new or use at replaced milling to mix auger cut cutting tool to also can change to reach the designated position with locking quickly, and won't because of change a knife and cause any delay. Another kind QS system is this company development can shrink the tool system of time of knife of be dressed in a Chinese-style jacket and trousers (graph 3) , basically apply at Swiss type lathe. Use QS system, enter and cutting tool can slip quickly piece, automatic centering and locking reachs the designated position. According to computation of job shops of turning of type of a Switzerland, lathe of type of a Switzerland passes the system that use QS every year to shrink time of knife of be dressed in a Chinese-style jacket and trousers is OK and spare 100 thousand dollar. Be based on this one result, the boss of this workshop provided similar tool system on the Swiss type lathe of the others. 3 implementation unmanned value defends treatment to be mixed besides cutting tool life beyond cutting speed, still should consider and evaluate the dependability that uses cutting tool. The cutting tool place that a lot of workshops still can provide consistency of high level function without sufficient understanding has some potential value. Why does the consistency of cutting tool function have very high value? Because of it can treatment process translate into the unmanned value with potential highest profitability defends treatment way -- come out through will operating a worker to be liberated adequately from the machine tool, make they can operate additional machine tool, detect workpiece or be engaged in a few with " 5S " or other seed profit creates relevant job, meanwhile, the machine tool still can carry normal movement. Full company of coke of gram of hill spy dimension calls his " green light is produced " . If job shops or processing factory can be sure,ground dope need changes the exact time of cutting tool, so they can put a person's mind to defend means to run its to machine flow with this kind of unmanned value, and need not handlers hour is defended treatment is attended beside the machine tool. Shanteweikekeleman's GC1125 and GC1515 are to be technically " green light is produced " and the cutting tool new name of the design. The dependability of these razor blade comes from the good balance between coating and matrix. Matrix has a place a little soft, in order to raise the tenacity of cutting tool and function consistency, in the meantime, the composition of coating can offer the wearability of a need again. These cutting tool still have very sharp cutting blade, this is " green light is produced " another important characteristic. Sharp cutting blade conduces to eliminate burr, and eliminate burr to long it is particularly important that unmanned value defends treatment, after because use this kind of workshop that machines means,hoping to be finished in treatment, large quantities of workpiece still must wait to undertake burr is machined going. CNC Milling CNC Machining