CNC Machining of lamina of fan of large titanium alloy face

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Big contain path compares lamina of fan of eddy fan engine, achieved 500mm above basically in length measure respect, this kind large the structural characteristic that change makes the susceptive in its job leaves mental efforts and oscillatory stress very big, because this also is become,large eddy has the part of very principal port on fan engine. Current, the blade of fan of typhoon of titanium alloy damp that engine of fan of a lot of eddy still uses a technology to mature quite, the long and narrow structure that place of this kind of lamina face presents makes its carry direction on the back in the basin the weak tigidity characteristic below Bao Bi configuration is more outstanding. The condition with poorer tigidity of this kind of structure and model the extent is total area the property of difficult treatment of bigger, material, use traditional machining craft to undertake machining bringinged adverse effect for its, be being reflected intuitionisticly is model the outline dimension precision of the face, position precision assures difficulty, manual polish efficiency strength of low, labor is great, phenomenon of burn of blade profile easy generation, ablation. The existence of afore-mentioned problems formed the bottleneck that blade produces. Apply as the development of technology of CNC Machining of much axis linkage and be aimed at this kinds of lamina face to machine the research of craft, the difficulty that makes this kinds of lamina face is machined gets a breakthrough stage by stage, level of the quality of treatment, efficiency obtained better position. The treatment of course of main craft of CNC Machining of lamina of fan of large titanium alloy face to lamina of fan of large titanium alloy face, the each respect element that involves from conventional technology place has a consideration, the adverse effect that its exist has the following sides. The influence of 1 material (1) amount of model of titanium alloy flexibility is small, easy the outfit clip that causes blade treatment is out of shape; Of face of the knife after treatment is medium wear away, appear easily again the accretion of cutting force. (2) thermal conductivity is poor, the dry grinding of manual polish is easy cause stress to be out of shape with phenomenon of burn, ablation. The influence of 2 lamina structure (1) model the extent is total treatment area is large, the because wear away,causes precision effect in whole process of cutting tool treatment is bigger. (2) manual polish holds inconvenience because of taking, labor strength is great, treatment precision assures hard. 3 wollens state affects the influence as a result of material and norms dimension, make the surplus that achieves ideal hard distributings, cause from this model the cutting force that face surplus purify all does not form is fluctuant, generation stress is out of shape. Function of 4 machine tools is affected (1) the fixed direction of the curved surface structure of blade face, cutting tool is cut, of actual cutting angle and cutting parameter different the change that causes cutting strength. (2) cooling condition is poor, refrigeration causes thermal stress to be out of shape with the state that does not have refrigeration inadequately. Be aimed at the difficulty element that lamina of fan of large titanium alloy face machines, the comprehensive treatment advantage that has according to place of technology of CNC Machining of much axis linkage, route of certain main treatment craft is: Thick mill of numerical control of the treatment → lamina with blade rabbet and auxiliary standard fixed position face machines → to eliminate stress anneal → to locate mill of essence of numerical control of lamina of fiducial rehabilitate → face processes → face smooth precision work. The overall craft train of thought of establish of place of above craft course is: Model the purify that treatment of thick mill of face numerical control has major surplus, make mill of essence of life machines the surplus that has ideal to distributing; Treatment of mill of essence of blade face numerical control assures model the geometrical dimension of the face and positional precision achieve the precision demand with final lamina basically; The smooth finish machining of blade face assures model the exterior layer quality of the face achieves a requirement. Point of treatment of mill of numerical control of lamina of fan of large titanium alloy face according to blade face overall craft train of thought asks, the milling treatment of blade face should assure model the geometrical position precision of the face reachs design requirement level basically, have quality of certain exterior surface roughness, of the efficiency in be being machined at the same time rising also is model one of key jobs of face milling. The basis machines the understanding of the characteristic to lamina of fan of large titanium alloy face, need considers the impact of the many sided element such as fixed position of equipment, cutting tool, treatment integratedly. To the milling treatment of lamina of fan of large titanium alloy face, choosing machining center of 5 axes linkage is very necessary. The machining center of lamina of 5 axes linkage that chooses maturity has the consideration of efficient treatment respect already, also treatment precision assures the consideration of ability respect. Bigger to curvature change model face treatment, the function placing part of machine tool main shaft can suit well model the demand that the cutting of correspondence of place of face curvature change accepts force to agree, system of refrigeration of machine tool high pressure makes cutting temperature is reduced substantially, avoid cutting tool to wear away quickly, make model face treatment acquires good treatment precision and exterior treatment quality. Be placed to prevent and reduce long lamina to install and arise in cutting treatment seize change form, the rotor that should make sure equipment around carries the lamina that hold clip has synchronous circumgyrate function, its purpose is the clamp of one aspect of the matter that changes traditional lamina to machine craft to use, one aspect of the matter very close fixed position outfit places means, avoid what when blade holds clip, arise to bend be out of shape and rotational, one aspect of the matter follows the one aspect of the matter when blade circumgyrate is machined to move and make blade face is in what length direction arises to seize change form. Suit to fit this requirement of clip at blade fixed position, blade tail end assists fixed position part, the photograph is fiducial to the rabbet fixed position of front should have strict positional precision to ask, be in model after face rough machining is finished, fixed position of the back end before the lamina of to be out of shape because of stress generation is standard the positional precision error between, want to give repair. Blade face treatment uses clamping apparatus, installing machine tool around two after carrying rotor to go up, in around of affirmatory machine tool two end rotor is nonexistent homocentric below the circumstance that spends an error, use special core axis to undertake detecting adjustment to the installation precision of around clamping apparatus, make sure two upright clamping apparatus have accurate positional precision concern, lest the synchronous circumgyrate function of rotor of machine tool around holds clip because of clamping apparatus,precision is differred and generation is additional turn round stress. The thick mill of blade face is machined, it is for purify bigger surplus, leave even mental allowance for finish machining, here premise falls, the treatment of this working procedure should assure to have tall treatment efficiency. Machining center of lamina of 5 axes linkage, have wide travel to machine a function, its principle is, when milling lamina, line of cutting tool center is not perpendicular at by the tangent of mill dot or face, go up in direction taking a knife however with the angle that is decided by the law Xiang Chengyi of mill dot or face, what this kind of milling uses is round pillar establish milling cutter, milling contrail is wider ellipse arc, compare with the milling photograph of ball head knife, go out to milling same model height of face wave crest or exterior quality, the span of generated cutting tool way wants a lot of bigger. Accordingly, this kind of treatment has very tall treatment efficiency. In be machined actually, use the circumgyrate that moves to another end from one aspect of the matter on blade length to machine means, namely helix milling means, look from efficiency angle, photograph of helix milling means also has taller treatment efficiency to fore-and-aft milling means. The treatment of mill of essence of life of blade face is to obtain taller geometry and positional precision, make at the same time model the surface roughness level of the face achieves particular demand. Machine generation to reduce titanium alloy material " spring back " the cutting tool when influence and large area face is machined wears away the influence to machining precision, cutting tool must assure sharp, what avoid a cutting tool is long treatment. For this, below probable condition, use upright milling cutter to undertake as far as possible model the fore-and-aft milling treatment of the face. Fore-and-aft milling treatment can use a few cutting tool to have a part of a historical period respectively back face, leaf is basin shaped the milling of the face, brim that take energy of life, exhaust brim, avoid to accumulate cutting tool bedding face what treatment causes to wear away make blade everywhere model level of face treatment precision produces abhorrent phenomenon, be helpful for model the area is final of smooth finish machining undertake. Nextpage is when treatment of milling of lamina of rotor of fan of large titanium alloy face, to improve cutting condition, all avoiding measure of cutting tool tatty is necessary. In form of cutting tool material, norms choose a side, the cylinder that chooses integral hard alloy to take coat is spherical milling cutter machines blade the flank inside predestined relationship board, flank inside predestined relationship board and model the face turns receive circular arc, stand by predestined relationship board transfer model face, into exhaust brim place, the knife carrying mill that chooses cylinder to set hard alloy to take coating bit machines blade leaf basin and foliaceous back bedding face to accumulate model face face. The coating material option that machines titanium alloy cutting tool is very important, want to avoid to use the coating data that has endophilicity with titanium alloy. Treatment titanium alloy is at present commonly used PVD coating cutting tool, thinner and PVD coating is smooth, they are adherent go up in matrix of cutting tool hard alloy while still can produce a kind of leftover stress, this kind of stress is helpful for those who raise cutting tool fighting destroy function, PVD can be stuck cheek by jowl on cutting tool, be helpful for maintaining sharp cutting blade appearance, anti-wear properties of PVD cutting tool is good, chemistry is stable, not easy generation accumulates bits tumour. In treatment, want to use enough cooling fluid to undertake cool and be amelioratived chafing affecting to cutting tool, choose reasonable cutting to machine parameter, improve cutting power influence to wait. Smooth finish machining of lamina of characteristic of smooth finish machining of numerical control of lamina of fan of large titanium alloy face face is to assure model face surface roughness, ripple spends contented design requirement, material to organize function not to produce change, and should make sure mill machines the geometrical measure that place wins and positional precision in treatment do not have big change basically. To effective treatment, blade face finish machining is to be on the base that purify mill treatment puts mark leaving a sword, the surface roughness that achieves a requirement, ripple is spent. Model the quantity of bosseyed metal purify of every place should not be more than the face 0.

05mm. Current, use numerical control arenaceous belt to grind the way that throws a machine tool to have blade face smooth precision work, it is the method with effective treatment relatively mature application, and the means that uses numerical control diamond to grind round of grinding machine tool to have blade face smooth precision work, it is a kind of method that trying application. These treatment means are applied to because they provide a characteristic each,be by the choice. Above all, arenaceous to numerical control belt is ground cast a machine tool to machine a method and character, its have the following characteristic: (1) arenaceous belt grinding wears bead keen, grinding efficiency is tall, already achieved milling 10 times, 5 times of grinding of common emery wheel; (2) arenaceous belt grinding and workpiece attrition are lesser, grinding heat build-up is little, arenaceous belt circumference is bigger, grind bead to come loose hot time-interval is long, acquire the complete refrigeration of air and cutting fluid easily, can reduce workpiece effectively to be out of shape, avoid burn and ablation; (3) arenaceous belt the plasticity of itself is mixed the balata system structure of working annulus surface, assure arenaceous belt grinding and work are flexible contact, it is better to have run close and polishing action; (4) arenaceous take what grinding has stability to wear a size, as a result of arenaceous belt leech on to works round of aspirant travel grinding, grind a dimension to have better stability; (5) arenaceous belt what grinding cannot undertake large surplus purify is long treatment, the abrasive gross that arenaceous belt contains is finite, of large surplus purify add labour union for long to make abrasive is used up quickly, need interrupts treatment to undertake arenaceous belt changes. Arenaceous belt the mechanization production that afore-mentioned characteristics of grinding make polish of lamina of fan of large titanium alloy face realizes programme controll condition to fall becomes reality. Current, the numerical control that is used at blade polish is arenaceous lead grinding way, 2 kinds of methods can offer choice application: One kind is to use 6 number of axle to accuse arenaceous belt to grind cast a machine tool to undertake machining, another kind is arenaceous belt of use robot numerical control polishing system undertakes machining. The center of 5 axes CNC Machining when 6 number of axle accuse arenaceous belt to grind the athletic function that throws a machine tool to be similar to milling, arenaceous take grinding working annulus and the structural difference that treatment of upright milling cutter has make its are in model face treatment gets used to blade structure respect, must have the function placing part of 2 direction. 6 number of axle accuse arenaceous belt to grind the double function that casts a machine tool to provide handsome face grinding and polish, functional commutation depends on the head commutation in rigid grinding and float grinding form. When polishing is machined, orgnaization of float of the constant voltage that start, can make grinding is passing the orgnaization such as air cylinder of sensor of power of pressure sensor, grinding, constant voltage to undertake be controllinged accurately to the change of pressure, it is certain to get used to size of every lamina area the difference of limits, implementation is not destroyed model below face precision condition cast grind treatment. Undertaking model when face grinding is machined, chain osculatory annulus drifts orgnaization, can undertake model the rigid grinding treatment of the face. Model the rigid grinding treatment of the face, can be in model below the condition with the poor ability of precision of treatment of mill of essence of life of the face, have complement or fungible effect, the arenaceous tape that its use granuality should undertake alternating according to surplus circumstance, this kind of treatment can change original dimension position precision, and opposite Yu Xi cuts treatment, its cross big surplus purify to be able to produce greater stress to be out of shape. Accordingly, in mill treatment has precision to make sure the premise of ability falls, do not recommend use grinding function. Machine number controls arenaceous area polishing method, be take by the robot hold blade to make compound motion below programme controll, undertake on fixed arenaceous band plane polishing is machined. Its treatment used converse project technology, before treatment, the robot takes the scanning that holds blade rabbet place to have measure of blade face outline to detect, next data processing orgnaization generates treatment to control a process, the polishing treatment of blade comes true finally below programme controll. Current, the robot is arenaceous bring grinding method, because be restricted by athletic precision, serve as only commonly model the method that face polish machines. Numerical control diamond grinds round of grinding method to belong to typical hard rigid grinding, the orgnaization of machine tool motion that its use is basic as identical as machining center of milling of lamina of 5 axes linkage, and use cutting tool is the cylinder that is change of vertical milling cutter pink of stone of steel of the gold on exterior spray grind annulus. When grinding is machined, used wide travel processing technique. Means of this kinds of treatment is hard rigid grinding, as a result of Jin Gang permeability of itself of stone mill annulus is differred, cannot stay through the look, medium of commutative cooling fluid is achieved medicinal powder hot effect, because this does not suit to undertake the grinding of larger surplus purify to spare parts surface, and even if the treatment of purify small surplus, produce burn phenomenon easily also to the grinding of lamina of titanium alloy material face, when because this is using this kinds of method to have titanium alloy lamina side,be being machined, the cutting parameter that must fumble the choice suits very much, means of machine tool refrigeration must very effective. Additional, wheel pair of King Kong stone mill face sums the character of hard rigid grinding of man-hour, also exist to receive a knife certainly " crest line " , although can pass Cheng,foreword matchs a gender to adjust with what wear round of specification undertake ameliorative to its, but cannot achieve complete purify, the influence of fatigue to blade function is adverse, because this must adopt auxiliary measure undertake elimination the appearance " crest line " compensatory treatment, need possibly still to use numerical control arenaceous belt to grind the compensatory treatment that casts a machine tool to undertake corresponding programme controll falls. Additional, those who use free abrasive property is wet blowing arenaceous method to undertake complementing machining also should be feasible method. Because numerical control diamond grinds afore-mentioned characteristics of round of grinding method, its treatment application still is fumbling level. Current, numerical control arenaceous belt is ground because of,cast machine tool method the advantage characteristic of its many sided, becoming polish of large lamina face to machine most feasible method, its omnibus advantage characteristic still depends on can undertaking grinding also can undertake wet grinding working already, still can undertake the ultralow temperature grinding below CO2 cooling means, burn of generation of polish of lamina of material of alloy of this large to avoiding titanium face, ablation is very advantageous. Numerical control grinds the application that throws a machine tool, changed the state with big intensity of labor of polish of handiwork of large lamina face, to large lamina manufacturing efficiency rises produced main effect. The development of processing technique of linkage of last word much axis applies, make lamina of large engine fan face machines this one key to machine link to make sure in precision and quality ability respect had very big rise, treatment efficiency respect also achieved satisfactory result, believe the ceaseless research as technological equipment technology is improved, processing technique meets large fan lamina face forward way of mechanization, automation develops. CNC Milling CNC Machining