The high quality circumgyrate in auto industry

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Auto industry is right circumgyrate demand is huge, and the demand is very high. To the supplier, flexible it is more and more important to turn production, outside asking because of what satisfy quality, precision and craft respect besides need, still need to obtain the need that small lot produces. Much axis can balance all sorts of conditions from motor-car bed. Auto industry always raises various requirements to the supplier. The car should satisfy the requirement of safe respect not only, still need to achieve fuel economy, tail gas to discharge and the requirement that price field place raises. Auto industry must innovate ceaselessly, especially products plan, function and quality. Circumgyrate the consideration that also needs to have this side (graph 1) . Graph 1: Circumgyrate the amount is held in whole auto industry 1/4, require very high quality and plan level. To improve fuel economy, auto industry always is searching new method ceaselessly. Compositive on a spare parts more functions, the spare parts can become more complex accordingly, be hard to make more, still must match material afresh (graph 2) . From on the other hand for, manufacturing task can change supplier body finally, for instance circumgyrate process trade. Tornos company is the partner of a rich competition ability, can provide a machine tool for economy production technological process. Graph 2: The circumgyrate in auto industry compositive more and more functions, bring about its to machine very complex, difficulty. The much axis that much axis accelerates back to machine Tornos company from motor-car bed has a product to be called in automatic lathe " MultiAlpha " , can deploy 6 according to the requirement or 8 main shaft. Because every main shaft owns independent drive system, because this can control the rotate speed on every treatment area freely, OK and aleatoric set quits the position. Go up as a result of the machine tool compositive C axis, milling also becomes more agile with the operation that insert aperture. Return the deputy main shaft that can provide high strength on the machine tool additionally, have the aid of is mixed at 4 CNC axis 5 cutting tool, can finish very complex back to machine the task. If do not undertake,outfit clip repeats to cannot complete such treatment on groovy machine tool. And can have very sophisticated treatment on MultiAlpha machine tool, reduce costly treatment process thereby. Auto industry should have the production of large quantities of quantities normally, treatment batch can achieve millions. The Fang Yue that send a package will jump over apt break up the whole into parts, be about to large order is small lot order dispersedly, assign different vendor, the purpose depends on can shortening the time that offer money and the market that can get used to metabolic multiterminal. MultiAlpha basically is used at the big batch of the spare parts to machine. Because reduced special changeover clamping apparatus and redundant manual operation, the user can reduce cost apparently. And the manufacturing condition between different process keeps basically consistent, multiAlpha machine tool can make sure end item has higher quality. Buy measures unit to ensure quality standard drivers always hope the car is had inside superior quality and drive safety performance. Actually, their desire needs to finished committee of ─ ─ quota to put forward by the supplier normally highest for the requirement of 5/1000000. That is to say, million there are 5 drawbacks at most in the spare parts. To reach this quality level, tornos company is measured jointly reach detect the partner of the respect developed software of mouth of one dowel joint, use at measuring unit and automatic lathe control directly data is exchanged between the system. If measure systematic discovery,─ of ─ of dimension out of tolerance wears away as a result of cutting tool for instance ─ ─ so system of machine tool control is corresponding self-correcting. If exceeded tolerancepublic errand range, measure a system to will give out alarm to stop a machine tool. Software of mouth of this dowel joint can apply to Tornos company all odd axes and much axis are automatic lathe. Nowadays to obtain order, circumgyrate the supplier must provide a batch of kind use at attestation, it is below the circumstance normally treatment is finished from motor-car bed in odd axis. The problem is, auto industry is only usually right the appearance that comes out in production of the batch on the machine tool hair free captive animals produces a license. Use MultiAlpha machine tool to be able to process trial production type already and approve type, still can undertake next batch production. Accordingly, can need not additional spot check and obtain a license directly. The commonly used much axis in auto industry can machine a diameter to amount to the strong record data of 32 millimeter from motor-car bed. If need to perhaps machine bigger diameter spare parts,irrigate cast, can cooperate MultiAlpha machine tool rotary table system to use. The basic structure of automatic lathe keeps changeless, the automation feed place of the spare parts on rotary table lathe needs alter simpler also. If the supplier is aimed at specific spare parts a group of things with common features optimized automatic lathe, he also can at any time switch come back. Accordingly, initial investment also can be used at machining new part a group of things with common features. Graph 3: Big batch much main shaft machines: Operation personnel is used " TBDeco " software can undertake process designing quickly to all main shaft. Cleared after the course cutting bits of a variety of types is machined, circumgyrate be discarded at will normally. And auto industry piles up the spare parts normally on the tray that has examininging. For this need spare parts caliper sends tray the system his. Still can adopt robot plan, apply to rotary table lathe especially. The robot captures wool blank to send clamp caliper. Seize manufactured goods next and send tray. As a result of process designing system extraordinary level, do not have special requirement to carrying a system because of module of this kind of automation. What arise in circumgyrate treatment is many cut bits to also become a difficult problem. The machine tool supervisory system of use automation can reduce staff, but be cut very easily however bits problem worry. The high-pressured pump that MultiAlpha machine tool deploys can output the 35 pressure to 80bar, can keep clear of surely cut bits. Complete solution is to use general cut bits to carry implement, OK and cleared of all sorts of types cut bits, brass, oxide is for instance aluminous perhaps. Use MultiAlpha undertakes from motor-car bed enough cooling fluid filters machining also needing of course system. Once filter core jams, clean system will be started automatically, and won't be disturbed or stop to machine a process. MultiAlpha of fast to 30 main shaft process designing can deploy more than 30 main shaft from motor-car bed. Phyletic and various treatment means makes process designing work very expensive, final likelihood brings about a machine tool to lose competition ability. Operation personnel use name is " TB Deco " software tool can is opposite 18 or 24 main shaft undertake process designing, as be opposite machine tool of a 3 axes undertakes process designing simple in that way. The standard version of MultiAlpha machine tool provided deputy main shaft and 5 cutting tool. This kind of machine tool has very high back process capability. Traditional back adds labour union to produce negative effect to whole process time. The MultiAlpha of Tornos company deployed two main shaft from motor-car bed, the cutting time that can machine back shortens half. Accordingly, circumgyrate treatment business can machine complex part on groovy machine tool nowadays, cutting time also shortens significantly. As contrary as this, simple spare parts is machined in double loop, can use the deputy main shaft with 4 two automatic lathe, main shaft and numerous amount to undertake machining in practice that is to say. CNC Milling CNC Machining