The application of fast patternmaking technology

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Fast patternmaking technology is a kind of quick, convenient, practical mould makes a technology, be as the development of industrialized production generation, be taken seriously extensively what develop business and mould group all the time by the product. The marked characteristic of fast patternmaking technology is: Patternmaking is periodic short, craft is simple, easily low, precision and life can satisfy cost of promotion, patternmaking some kind of specific function need, economic integration beneficial result is favorable, special apply to new product to develop trial-produce, craft test and verify and functional test and verify and much breed small lot are produced. What article place introduces is a model that author application makes modular technology quickly, content full and accurate, measure clarity. One, the foreword formation as global economic integration, manufacturing industry competition is very intense, how to shorten production is periodic, reduced cost to become the target that manufacturing industry seeks, because this must increase the flexibility of the speed of product development and production technology application. With fast prototype the method makes a technology for the fast mould that rely on (RT) get used to demand of this kind of market namely, a kind of when make tool and pattern conveniently can quick, new-style technology. It is fast patternmaking technology of the foundation with fast figuration technology, it is 20 centuries the burgeoning technology that development of 80 time later period rises, the patternmaking method that is a tradition and the result that photograph of fast figuration technology combines. Compare with traditional technique photograph, fast patternmaking technology designs prototype from the development of the product of the model make, showed clinking advantage till the production of the production of product mould, product. Make the CAD picture later from archaic handiwork, arrive again present RT, its development also formed a comprehensive production system. Graph the development of the 1 RT in making a system namely and workmanship flow chart. 2, the cent of fast patternmaking technology that the silica gel patternmaking of light carapace is based on fast and archetypal technology is made quickly for direct mould and indirect mould makes two kinds quickly, and indirect and fast mould is made cent is made for soft qualitative mould and horniness mould is made. Vacuum mould technology is fast prototype / the newer technology in domain of fast patternmaking technology, commonly used make at soft qualitative mould. The process that vacuum mould technology will come to make model of light carapace silica gel is used with respect to the introduction below. 1.

Test equipment place includes balance of electron of machine of MK-Mini vacuum casting, solar energy, Jing Yin with equipment tool of pneumatics machine, drawing of patterns and bad news material. The mould material that make uses silica gel T2 and stiffening agent (press 10:1 commonlyscale is made up) . 2.

The making process of silica gel model (the light that 1) prototype finishing uses method of common fast and archetypal figuration to make is archetypal, its fold a layer aperture or uneven step grain often exist commonly between section, normally need undertakes the processing that prevent ooze, aggrandizement processing fight wet sex, heatproof sex and dimension stability archetypally in order to rise. In the meantime, want to undertake cleanness be spent in order to raise smooth Cheng of the surface to archetypal surface, archetypal surface is enough and only slick, what just can assure pitch of assuring silica gel model is bright and clean degree, ensure then turn over the product that make to have faster face quality and facilitate take out from inside silica gel model. The development of graph 1 RT and workmanship flow chart (2) silica gel and solidify agent are metric, mix and vacuumize above all the basis is archetypal (light carapace) dimension and appearance estimation are archetypal bulk, again plan the bulk of cipher out box, both photograph reduces the volume that must need silica gel namely. The weight of the weight that calculates silica gel according to the densimeter of silica gel and stiffening agent (both scale is 10:1 about) , mix next and put the vacuumize in machine of MK-Mini vacuum casting, this basically is the air of the interfuse when agitate of eliminate sizing material and partial reaction child. The prototype that what need an attention in this process is basis estimation when bulk will say to take silica gel, want right amount, model case volume has been obtained small, the dosage that can reduce silica gel saves patternmaking cost, but the use result that can affect silica gel and those who go against silica gel model is pouring, make made pattern is put in blemish thereby; Bulk has been obtained big, waste silica gel to increased cost to also increase to take out the difficulty of the product from inside silica gel model already. (3) chooses the detached face, paper that stick gum to make runner use vacuum pouring no matter technical in principle is much complex part, include sunken part of protruding, side, can figuration, crucial question is the position that should determine detached extent accurately, because it is being affected directly pouring product whether successful drawing of patterns and product are pouring the stand or fall of quality. Pouring buccal fixed position should make colophony arrives model box the method accident of each brims is identical, such is helpful for pouring, omit likely even irrigate rising head. Pouring the secures a best consumed to slip round lever of buccal passageway position, use silica gel is normally marvellous. Choose next surfaces to be detached face to this light carapace, affix glue paper on detached face, make runner with silica gel club next. Runner position can choose end panel place only, cannot choose fluctuation surface, because such surfaces that can affect light are bright and clean,be spent and optical function, affect quality thereby. (4) silica gel is pouring again vacuumize solidify and the silica gel that stoving crosses exhaust is entered carefully from flank model box, silica gel is entered along the box wall of a side model box, till prototype inside all mergence silica gel. Model box is put into MK-Mini system, undertake vacuumize again, the purpose basically is to shuck off in pouring when because of adsorptive or get the remnant that block a face up the bleb in sizing material. These bleb have huge effect to mould quality, take off the limitation such as air hole produces in mould surface except not complete meeting. The time that has to this exhaust about 50 minutes, take out silica gel the drying in putting oven from vacuum room, undertake acceleration sclerosis to silica gel. (5) drawing of patterns is after silica gel is sclerotic, the mould can be opened. Pass before open pouring the mouth is connected compress air, make mould and prototype apart, facilitate next drawing of patterns. Draw the cent secant of wave line in detached face with the pen above all, reoccupy penknife presses standard of silica gel of wave line incision. As a result of the transparency of silica gel, the process of penknife cut is OK very see clearly. Should notice the penknife is in here as far as possible to detached face, what dissection in case is sectional leave with detached face too far. To prevent pouring when the amlposition of the mould, when cut mould, cut should be cut dentate. Use tool of drawing of patterns next will archetypal after be being taken out, the adhesive plaster that remains on silica gel and take out of silica gel bits, thereby the silica gel mould of light is made. Use this mould to be able to make a lot of lubricious appearance but the light carapace product with same figure. The draft of silica gel mould that makes in the experiment is shown 2 times like the graph. Graph the silica gel pattern that technology of 2 vacuum mould makes 3.

Of the product make a two half silica gel that has made film provides a lid to go up and be secured with hammer needle. First vacuumize puts vacuum again next pouring in machine, make pouring mouth of buccal alignment funnel, put product stuff into Mini pouring in the cup of machine, starting machine. Pass runner pouring, the mould is taken out to undertake stoving after be over, after waiting for solidify, reassume gives a mould to fly a model, such products were made come out. The product can choose different color according to need, the prototype of the product and duplicate if pursue,show 3 times. From inside the experiment knowable, no matter the product that introduces technology of this kind of fast patternmaking to make is to be in quality, style, still be exterior precision, with prototype compare very assuming quality, can satisfy the requirement of fast production completely. Graph 3 light are archetypal and through vacuum pouring the product that the technology makes 3, the last word is made by actual project knowable, use fast patternmaking technology, products plan develops fast, cost low, suit flexible production, the product is made agile. Fast prototype and photograph of fast patternmaking technology are compared, fast patternmaking advantage is more. Use this craft to be able to make many appearance, very agree with execute single production or small lot production, can get used to the many sided demand of the market, and all can satisfy specific functional need in precision and life. Compare with traditional method photograph, the method that use RT but the time of managing close 1/2, and craft is simple, popularize easily. CNC Milling CNC Machining