Numerical control technology processes medium application in helix rotor

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One, introductive helix rotor is the heart component in rotor flow meter, according to the norms of flowmeter and utility, the sectional appearance of helix rotor and lead differ somewhat. The sectional appearance of helix rotor is combined by involute and cycloid commonly and become. Before, the treatment of helix rotor is commonly figuration is used to knife and the method that deserve to hang gear are machined and be become on average milling machine. Because from abroad the entrance shapes the price of the knife is very high, and current and homebred shape because the knife makes technical limitation cannot achieve precision requirement, undertake detecting without significant step again, treatment of ability of knife of a few figuration needs to reach the designated position in machining process of a rotor, and after cutting tool wears away, can no more use, make production finished cost very high. Helix rotor uses cast-iron material to make commonly, bear of the cutting when treatment is lesser, but the spare parts wears away easily in use process and corrode. If use rolled steel to replace cast-iron, shape the cutting negative charge that the knife processes will be increased quickly, it is very difficult to machine and be improved of the product. At the beginning of 2002, when an user of Shanghai is buying numerical control machine tool, put forward to be able to use average level cutting tool to replace figuration knife to machine the idea of helix rotor. Classics research, we use CAD/CAM software to have three-dimensional model to helix rotor spare parts, its outline is digitlized entirely, use standard ball knife, the tape that the means that weaves CNC Machining program uses much axis interpolation produces in quarto company four-axle (numerical control dividing head) treatment of CNC Milling aspirant travel, gained a success. Treatment precision rises greatly, transverse tooth thickness, tooth form accords with technical requirement, exterior surface roughness is reduced greatly, the spare parts need not use what make repairs and supply replacements uses at metric pump directly to assemble, rotor of or so helix can is opposite neatly boil, and treatment efficiency also rises greatly. Use digitlization means, the part that treatment gives is used at the large rotameter that oil field petroleum pipeline, its are metric precision rises 0.

2 class, short a few months already created enormous economic benefits for the user. 2, craft analysis and affirmatory helix rotor and spline gear be similar in shape, but specific and sectional appearance is different. We build the model that gave helix rotor with CAM, so that have an intuitionistic knowledge to it. The sectional form of helix rotor is comprised by involute and cycloid, sectional circling axes to rotate 360 degrees become a lead. If use figuration knife to be machined on the CNC Milling that carries numerical control dividing head, need a staff only a very simple machine program can. Our CNC Milling dividing head is on A axis, weave an A axis turns 360 degrees, the CNC Machining course that X axis direction takes a lead is OK. But if use standard ball knife to undertake cutting is machined, ball knife is machining the with rotor contact in the process to nod change at any time. If use general CAD/CAM software to weave with helicoid alterable axis machine program also is unreasonable, if general process designing software includes alterable axis process designing module criterion price is very high, and process designing difficulty is very great also, the efficiency of treatment is not tall, cause finished cost to may not fall to rise instead so. We use the AlphaCAM software of British Lai health company to reach ball knife interferes a line in the contrail of rotor end panel, use orbit to interfere on-line dot to pass the aftertreatment that changes CAM software next implement output an A axis to turn appoint angle, x axis takes the course of corresponding distance, the work out gave corresponding machine program. 3, software of AlphaCAM of process designing brief introduction includes function of CAD, CAM, the one part that helix curved surface wants to build a chamfer only can. After helix curved surface is generated, according to the shape size size of helix rotor, choose the ball knife diameter of treatment certainly, in YZ face generation a contrail that appoints ball knife interferes a line. Use this to interfere a line to produce to appoint cutting width parallel the method of treatment cutting tool at X axis. The length of X direction criterion by rotor need to machine length and decide. Use A axis to turn 360 degrees, the aftertreatment that X axis direction walks along the principle of a lead to modify AlphaCAM software implement in output data format. Choose the aftertreatment that has revised implement method of output cutting tool, make file of CNCCNC Machining program. 4, this treatment method already was in the last word very good application received in the client of limited company of company of Nanjing quarto electron, the rotor diameter limits of treatment arrives from 50mm 500mm, obtained very good result. CNC Milling CNC Machining