Influence air cylinder builds the case study of sealed quality

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Air cylinder builds the stand or fall of sealed function, affect the technical condition of engine directly, serious when, the power of engine drops quickly, misfire even. If burn caustic hind when air cylinder mat, the air cylinder of engine compresses force inadequacy, its rotate speed drops apparently, accompany have vent-pipe fume (Bai Yan) , there is bleb to arise in cistern (and cooling water has been used up fast) , the phenomenon such as organic oily bubble is accumulated on surface. A lot of machine hands do not know air cylinder pays the consideration of attaint, know to change only new air cylinder mat, mat of result air cylinder burns caustic continuously. Change mat of engine air cylinder is a Shen Zhi careful the job. To maintenance technology personnel, also be the job with a very big difficulty. If do not press a requirement to use air cylinder mat, or the reason that correct inspection is not made before do not assemble air cylinder to fill up according to accurate operation method or be being assembled and finds out its to damage, what do sealed effect to also affirm won't ideal. So, how to ensure air cylinder builds sealed mass? The author thinks to want to find out influence air cylinder to cover the matter of sealed quality above all, next suit the remedy to the case, ability solves basic problem. The article analysed influence air cylinder to build a few kinds of of sealed quality common causes to reach a few step that should take, in order to offer reference of person of the same trade. One, the use that air cylinder fills up and installing incorrect air cylinder to fill up is install what in body of engine air cylinder amiable crock builds, its action is those who assure firebox is sealed, prevent to light gas, cooling water and leakage of lube leap up. So, the use that air cylinder fills up and installation should not requirement, the sealed dependability that with respect to immediate impact air cylinder builds is amiable the crock fills up service life. To assure sealed quality, the norms that chosen air cylinder mat must match with place of former air cylinder and ply are identical, the surface should level off, the joint side the bag is firm, and do not have nick, cave, fold Zou Yi and rust corrupt wait for a phenomenon. Otherwise, with respect to the sealed quality that can affect air cylinder to build. Changing when air cylinder is filled up, answer to undertake when cold machine, air cylinder builds the branch that has side of positive and negative, the front is smoother, the reverse side is harsher, the attention answers when assembling. Because air cylinder fills up crock mouth to coil side one side (the opposite) have bulgy amount, cause impress to be out of shape to the planar meeting that contacts with it. Accordingly, the one side that the edge coils when installation (the opposite) the interface that should face towards Yi Xiu is rectified or good appearance (lid of general air cylinder and air cylinder body all are cast-iron when, roll edge (the opposite) should face towards air cylinder is built; If air cylinder lid is aluminium alloy, cylinder body is cast-iron, roll edge (the opposite) should face towards air cylinder body. ) , and the fixed position that locates Kong Ying aims air cylinder body is sold. Add profiling to import diesel engine to a few tall aggrandizement, high-power, uses bullion belongs to air cylinder to fill up, when installation marked (be like TOP or UP) should face towards air cylinder is built at the same time (must not replace with common crock mat) . And crock mouth, oil duct mouth and the stretch protruding muscle that aqueduct is in must in good condition. Additional, to the air cylinder mat of reuse, because flexibility is reduced and be out of shape wait for an influence, its are sealed function and performance characteristics will be affected. So, usually, air cylinder mat does not repeat use. When if want to repeat,making worn-out air cylinder is filled up, heat to be boiled to 100 ℃ in before assembling, can be put in useless engine oil 0.

5h left and right sides. Can make the asbestine inside air cylinder mat expands effectively so, rehabilitate its flexibility property, raise sealing and utilization reliability. 2, what the slight and jumpy air cylinder that air cylinder builds builds is slight and jumpy it is to be in compress the action with combustion pressure to fall, the result that air cylinder lid tries to be caused from place of the depart on cylinder body. These pressure spun bolt of join of air cylinder lid, because this brings about air cylinder,the lid has to beat slightly with cylinder body relatively. This kind beat slightly can make air cylinder builds gaskets happening to relax the procedure with impaction, accelerated air cylinder to cover the damage of gaskets thereby, affect its sealed function. Below normal circumstance, this kind of slight jumpy dispute Chang Wei is small, be equal to almost 0. So, below normal circumstance, it is sealed to air cylinder the influence of function also is very tiny, be equal to almost 0. But, below the circumstance with normal blame, this kind beats the effect of the sealed function to air cylinder appears very evident. The torque that if air cylinder builds join bolt to did not screw,sets is numeric, so by this kind slight and jumpy and the air cylinder mat that cause wears away to be able to happen more quickly, more serious. If join bolt crosses a pine, can bring about air cylinder lid to increase relative to the jumpy quantity with cylinder body. What if join,bolt is twisted is too close, can cause join bolt so suffer what force exceeds it to succumb intensity limit, bring about join bolt thereby spin the design tolerance value that exceeds it, the jumpy amount that also can cause air cylinder to build so increases, quicken what air cylinder builds gaskets to wear away. Use correct torque to provide a value, and screw according to right order join bolt, can make air cylinder lid opposite with cylinder body jumpy reduce the smallest, assure the sealed mass that air cylinder builds thereby. 3, air cylinder is built or cylinder body plane spends big warp and twist is the problem that air cylinder lid often appears, also be the main reason that causes air cylinder mat to be burned repeatedly. Especially lid of aluminium alloy air cylinder is behaved more outstandingly, because aluminium alloy material has very high heat to conduct efficiency,this is, at the same time air cylinder lid and appearance of air cylinder substance are compared, appear again quite Xiaohe is thin, so the temperature that aluminium alloy air cylinder builds rises quickly. When air cylinder lid is out of shape, it and joint of cylinder body plane are met lax fact, so, the sealed quality of air cylinder drops, cause mat of flat and burned-out air cylinder, make the sealed quality of air cylinder exasperate further thereby. If air cylinder lid appears the word of serious warpage, must change its. Heavy repair in engine or change when air cylinder is filled up, the joint face that all answers air cylinder lid and cylinder body undertakes carefully checking. Its are general the standard asks to be: To rectifying air cylinder of form of characters or letters to build, build in air cylinder transverse and full-length it is the flatness inside 300mm limits with fore-and-aft length ≯ 0.

1mm; To parting type air cylinder is built, build in air cylinder transverse and full-length with the flatness inside fore-and-aft and full-length limits ≯ 0.

15mm. Air cylinder body is in its are transverse and full-length inside the limits that is less than 600mm with fore-and-aft length, its flatness ≯ 0.

05mm; Air cylinder body is in its are transverse and full-length inside the limits that is more than 600mm with fore-and-aft length, its flatness ≯ 0.

10mm. To air cylinder lid and cylinder body flatness exceed a requirement, should undertake nap asks with obtaining a technology. 4, refrigeration of air cylinder surface is inhomogenous inhomogenous cooling meeting forms air cylinder surface local heat. The metallic generation that local heat can bring about air cylinder to build or enrages the zonule on cylinder body is excessive expand, this kind expands can make air cylinder builds gaskets to squash and damage by. Because the attaint of air cylinder mat brings about the generation that divulge and corrodes, be burned finally to wear. When if be in,finding the reason that produces local heat, changed air cylinder mat, this will be of no help, still meet what be burned out finally because of changing air cylinder mat. Local heat still can bring about air cylinder to build itself to produce additional internal stress, its make air cylinder covers occurrence flaw as a result. If working temperature exceeded normal temperature, local heat still will produce incredible serious negative effect. Any overheat circumstances can cause air cylinder system cast-iron the twist with a permanent generation is out of shape. As a result of the excessive extruding that local heat produces, the place that can make be damaged bad on gaskets attenuates significantly. Attenuating degree can undertake test and verify through undermentioned measurement technique: Measure invalidation gaskets to suffer the ply of attaint place with micrometer, next measure come out the data of place of the other on data and gaskets undertakes comparative. If pass your examination discovery to there is the sign that is squashed on gaskets, at this moment, with respect to should further examination air cylinder covers the corresponding face of amiable cylinder body, examination whether does corresponding surface have exterior loss in its. Measure air cylinder to build amiable cylinder body with straightedge and feet of a place of strategic importance the flatness of each surface, if injure or any surface is appeared rough phenomenon, when installing gaskets, must new rehabilitate these surfaces, in order to assure good sealing. 5, by cooling fluid the problem related medium additive is become when refrigerant is being joined in cooling fluid, possible meeting generates bubble. The bleb in cooling system can bring about air cylinder to build gaskets be no longer in force. When there is bubble in cooling department, cooling fluid cannot have normal circulation in the system, because this engine has to be less than even refrigeration, can appear local heat, make air cylinder pays damage, bring about sealed and undesirable. So, to can realize the even refrigeration of engine, when joining refrigerant, must set out air platoon motive. Sometimes, refrigerant may build gaskets to produce a few problems to the engine air cylinder of bimetallic material. In adding antiseptic refrigerant for example, will protect all sorts of different metals. But in bimetallic material engine, this kind of additive can form aluminous acerbity salt finally, and aluminous acerbity salt can adhere to the wall that is in charge of in radiator, this can reduce the cooling effect of cooling system, bring about gaskets invalidation possibly still. Below this kind of circumstance, undertake to pipeline with respect to need completely complete clean. Below more severe case, when jamming like pipeline happening, only way changes namely radiator. Just appeared in radiator when the problem, change radiator, should compare after engine is damaged, be being checked or change radiator changes again when enraging the gaskets of crock of lid, want normally economy and many simple. Some machine hands use antifreeze in winter, convert when the summer water, think such economy are substantial. Make future trouble so actually boundless, dirty because of the water of mineral easy generation in water and stick float to be covered in water, radiator and water Wen Chuangan implement, make temperature control breaks engine to allow and bring about overheat, cause mat of engine air cylinder to be out of shape to music of Gai Qiao of bad, air cylinder even, pull crock and burn the breakdown such as tile. Accordingly, also should use antifreeze in the summer. 6, the diesel engine maintenance, maintenance that assembles quality to need engine and assemble quality difference, it is the main reason that brings about engine air cylinder to build sealed mass, also be the main factor that causes air cylinder mat to burn caustic. For this, when engine of make repairs and supply replacements, want to be done strictly according to concerned requirement. Want to tear open lid of outfit air cylinder correctly. Air cylinder lid is torn open outfit is correct, be the service life that prolongs air cylinder mat and it is important to prevent air cylinder to build metabolic assure. When tearing open outfit air cylinder to build, answer to undertake below cold plane position, forbidden disassemble below heat engine condition, in case air cylinder builds occurrence warpage. When disassembling, answer to be divided to intermediate semmetry from both sides second loosen gradually. When if air cylinder lid and union of air cylinder body are firm it is difficult to get off, forbidden use metallic content knock or embed with acerb hard implements sutural good prize (effective method is drive crankshaft to rotate with the machine that start or shake turn crankshaft rotates, the high-pressured gas that relies on the generation inside air cylinder carries his on the head) , in case cut cylinder body and the joint range that air cylinder covers or mat of scathing air cylinder. When assembling air cylinder to build, the bead of smeary, charcoal inside the joint appearance that wants lid of cleared air cylinder and air cylinder above all and aperture of bolt of air cylinder body, ferruginous with other impurity, blow clean with high-pressured gas. Lest produce bolt,to the crock the thrust of the lid is not worth. When close solid air cylinder builds bolt, part of one's job 3, 4 by among screw to both sides semmetry, the last time should achieve torsional quadrature of the regulation, and 2 % of error ≯ , to cast-iron air cylinder the lid achieves 80 ℃ in heat engine temperature hind, should screw afresh again by formulary moment of force join bolt. And to bimetallic material engine, should be after engine is cooling, reentry goes such screw afresh operation. 7, because the fuel that chooses impropriety is different the derv engine of structural type, to the 16 alkyl of derv the value has diverse demand. If choose fuel shoulds not requirement, can cause economy and dynamical sex to drop not only, and still can cause the carbon deposit with derv many engine or abnormal inflammation, bring about airframe local temperature is exorbitant, cause the ablation of air cylinder mat and airframe, the sealed function that makes air cylinder is built drops. So, 16 alkyl are worth the derv of derv engine choose must accord with use regulation requirement. 8, diesel engine use method is undeserved because be afraid of engine flameout,have hand of a few machine, when reason is starting engine, always bang suddenly continuously accelerator, or movement of engine high speed should allow when engine is started, will maintain the working position of engine with this; In car travel process, often take off archives flameout to glide, put into gear to start engine compulsively after that. Added engine not only in the engine of the job below such circumstances wear away, and make the pressure inside air cylinder rises quickly, develop mat of bad air cylinder extremely easily, bring about sealed function to drop. Additional, engine often excess load ground works (or ignition is premature) , explode for long shake burns, cause the local pressure inside air cylinder and temperature exorbitant, also damage air cylinder is filled up right now, make its sealing can drop. CNC Milling CNC Machining