Stimulate smooth compound solder: Powerful manufacturing technology

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Laser is compound solder (LHW) it is one of material treatment application new-style craft, already realized industrial application below the indefatigable effort of laser automation expert. The advantage that stimulates smooth compound solder basically depends on heat be out of shape small, solder rate is rapid, mechanical function is admirable. High accuracy of profit from such as is large robot of dragon door type, in-house light road is compositive, wait for all sorts of technologies from line process designing, stimulate automation of craft of smooth compound solder to had made the production technology of foremost edge. Stimulate smooth compound solder (graph 1) have both arc welding (for instance inert gase protects solder MIG) the craft characteristic with laser beam welding, its solder admirably other craft cannot achieve the result. MIG solder has higher frit apply rate, what can enhance welding line clearance is patient degree, and laser energy concentration, more conduce to raise frit deep, often do not need to undertake special pretreatment to itself of mother capable person. Stimulate smooth compound solder to have the following advantage: Solder the effect deep and solder road is narrow; Solder rate is rapid; Hot input is low; Hot influence area is small; Heat is out of shape small; Welding line quality is high, exterior beautiful, physical performance is good; Rate of do poorly done work over again is low; Welding line bottom has been controlled, can realize bosseyed solder double-faced figuration. Stimulate applicable of smooth compound solder at railroad engine (like railroad car side wall) , container, the engineering is mechanical (be like jib of high strenth crane) , the car reachs car a replacement, the industry such as shipbuilding. As the development of technology research and development, stimulate automation of craft of smooth compound solder to will be introduced more industry. Compound solder needs laser generator laser high grade successive (blame pulse) fiber-optic laser source. Usually, the laser power that stimulates place of smooth compound solder to need is 8-16kW, workpiece ply is bigger, the power of need is higher also. At present till, only manufacturer of a few laser can provide the generator of high power laser that applies to LHW. Nimbleness of fiber-optic laser operation is tall, can realize laser head and workpiece to make opposite motion. If use CO2 laser generator, need mobile workpiece so possibly to undertake operating, and specific power consumption is taller. The wavelengh of use laser is in commonly 880nm~1100nm. If combine the demand of high power to tell, fiber-optic laser generator or disc laser generator are better choice. As to manufacturing metre, sometimes a welding line often needs 8 to 10 minutes, change the component needs 5 minutes about, move to have operation to another welding line next, this makes cooling system becomes a key. Power of laser of head of solder of laser beam welding depends on laser generator, and control of beam of light is to depend on smooth road transmits a system (namely head of laser beam welding) . Compound solder craft uses pair of beam of light transmit reach the precision with the very tall need on method to control. Outside dividing high accuracy, the laser head that in soldering, uses must hard usage, work in order to be satisfied below extreme condition. Because want to cooperate MIG welding torch to use, the laser head of LHW must configure special spirit shade and defend lens will prevent what arc solder arises to splatter content. Flexible the nimbleness that treatment stimulates smooth compound solder and solder quality key depends on using the robot that suit, deploy corresponding laser tool head and welding torch system at the same time. The method precision with higher demand and repeat fixed position precision, because of this Lai this the system of robot of dragon door type of high strenth is very applicable. Robot of dragon door type has bigger working range, can process large work, save floor space at the same time (see a picture 2) . Configuration of robot of dragon door type makes a robot three-dimensional campaign is the biggest flexible and likely. Nextpage in addition, head of compound solder laser (graph 3) have particular weight, also have particular demand to the effective load of the robot so, design of system of robot of type of whole dragon door is very powerful, enough bears dynamic load, still can assure high accuracy at the same time. Process designing is different workpiece solders the key that the simple and easy degree of process designing and speed are manufacturing operation. Of blueprint file guide create machine program quickly, realizing bos to stop production is efficiency the biggest the focal point that turn, process designing leaving a line can realize what whole system moves to optimize. Lai this robot ProVis program can realize working unit, of robot and workpiece visible, the circumstance that can make programmer is not affecting production issues those who write a part to solder program. Besides the control precision of the robot, those who need special attention is to be in afore-mentioned stimulating in system of smooth compound solder, but compositive solder power source, laser, protect gas, process designing and the control such as visual system. Although robot system coordinate is unusually complex, but Lai this RobotStarVI control system and new-style ReisPAD are shown teach a box to let process designing exercise become very intuitionistic, flat and fast. Security stimulates smooth compound solder to need to use high power laser, accordingly, workshop safety is crucial. Laser atelier must configure special sensor and switch control to prevent laser to be shot by accident. Laser atelier must be set stop control urgently. Lai this the risk that monitor of patent product LaserSpy can avoid the release outside beam of light, increase sex of safety in operation of laser house studio greatly. Actual application Lai this the robot stimulates smooth compound solder to use one of case, graph 4 for some factory already the laser of consign is compound solder system, the long jib that specific work is crane of heavy-duty movable type (see a picture 2) . The fill amount that reduces ability of solder of high strenth steel can reduce crane jib weight, when adding section chief at this o'clock to amount to 72 meters of telescopic jib particularly remarkable. Even if is the solder of double fast, solder the effect is far also excel convention craft. If use under 0.

The groovy MAG solder of 5m/min, these jib need 2-3 layer to solder. Stimulate smooth compound solder to secure 2 work through using local plywood, won't cause materiality solder heat is out of shape. Soldering with 1m/min below rate case, can achieve 15mm ply not to have groove butt welding solder shows the result, reconditioning need not undertake in bottom. This craft applies to the 0 welding line clearance to 1mm, and need not undertake parameter is adjusted. Use robot of overhead suspension of mast of a dragon, can realize fore-and-aft to workpiece joint solder unoccupied place undertake agile fixed position and essence allow to solder. Robot collect is didymous arc solder nozzle, stimulate bareheaded, welding line dogs, enrage electric conduit, the control of all sorts of equipment such as cable. System of dragon door type can let beforehand buy workpiece conveys through orbit the car enters laser studio, ensure with this of laser system smooth run, make systematic efficiency gets optimizing. Anyhow, lai this laser is compound solder system (include the most most advanced design and material) , offerred a solution that has formidable competition advantage for this manufacturer. Preparation solders the system upgrades the importance that numerous client begins to realize peak production technology, for example laser solders to wait with cut. A series of element drive is worn the development of this one trend, include among them: 1) to the product more the requirement of high quality; 2) of laser system cost reduce (laser equipment cost fell than 2006 30%-40% , and the 1/3 that needs the power of fiber laser to be CO2 laser only) ; 3) new-style and improved laser data processes a system. The skill that the enterprise of eye shot of the look up before those are had did not master these competitors applies at production, certainly will can gain bigger market and technical advantage. Stimulating smooth compound solder also is automation at the same time, craft dominates the alternate field that waits for research with metallurgy. The support that this craft works in a large number of research and development fell to already obtained great progress, if can effective in automation production system applying, manufacture what promote a business greatly efficiency. CNC Milling CNC Machining