Source program of process designing of outline of milling protruding stage

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  • source:HOTA CNC Machining
N10 G54G90G00Z200; N20 T01M06; N30 X-10Y-5; N40 S1200M03; N50 Z5M08; N60 G42X0Y0; N70 G01Z-5F50; N80 X15F120; N90 G03X15Y40I0J20; N100 G01X0; N110 Y0; N120 Z5; N130 G40 N140 G00Z200; N150 G55X-30Y30; N160 Z5; N170 G01Z-5F80; N180 G42X20Y0; N190 G02X20Y0I-20J0F120; N200 Z5 N210 G40; N220 G00Z200; N230 G56X20Y20; N240 Z5; N250 G01Z-5F80; N260 G42X11.

547; N270 X23.

094Y0F100; N280 X11.

547Y-20; N290 X-11.

547; N300 X-23.

094Y0; N310 X-11.

547Y20; N320 X11.

547; N330 Z5; N340 G00Z200; N350 G40; N360 G57X-10Y-10; N370 Z5; N380 G01Z-5F50; N390 G42X0Y0; N400 X40F100; N410 Y20; N420 X30; N430 G02X20Y30I10J0; N440 G01Y40; N450 X0; N460 Y0; N470 Z6; N480 G00Z200; N490 M05M09; N500 M30; CNC Milling CNC Machining