Of program of numerical control lathe form

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One, main program and subprogram     1, cent of program of main program   gives priority to program and subprogram, normally CNC system moves by main program instruction, but when the case that calls a subprogram is encountered in the main program, criterion CNC system moves the instruction that presses a subprogram, after the subprogram calls an end control weight new friend gives a main program. L25 can be put inside CNC memery block main program and subprogram. The Cheng serial number that the program begins uses address instruction of O of EIA standard code. 2, the treatment graph that subprogram   has a few order to secure in the program or appears repeatedly, regard a subprogram as these, keep a person in memory beforehand, can simplify greatly program. Subprogram and main program must exist same a file is medium, the subprogram of v can call another subprogram again, we call the main program the subprogram to call one heavy subprogram to call, the subprogram calls a subprogram to call multiple attune to use. A subprogram can be called for many times, call an instruction to be able to repeat 999 times with call. L) final end subprogram dictates in the program number that the work out   of the subprogram assigns for O address in the beginning of the subprogram, subprogram M99, for one alone block. 2) move hill by main program or superstratum subprogram and the executive   subprogram of the subprogram is carried out. The subprogram calls an instruction to be as follows: The acquiescent value that   of M98 P **** L X X X X calls a subprogram to dictate program of subprogram a work song sung to synchronize movements calls frequency   subprogram to call a number is   of 1   (program of a work song sung to synchronize movements of exemple L) ; M98PL002L5 %1002 is called 5 times continuously instruction of     M98 can move with cutting tool the instruction is put in same block. [The subprogram that note 1] and main program must exist same a   of the   in the file [name and main program name do not get the subprogram that note 2] identical. [Note 3]M98, m99 signal not cheerful gives machine tool point, [The subprogram that notes 4] to should not find P address to appoint calls the police when date. [Noting 5] to use M98 P **** to call designation subprogram below MDI is invalid. 2, device of CNG of   of file name   can hold a person a lot of program documents, read with the means of disk file write. Renown format is the file (have fasten the other file name at DOS) : % XXXX (there must be 4 digits word at the back of address O)   program begins with program name, kowtow with M or the end of M. Program name form is % XxXx; (there must be 4 digits word at the back of address O)     M02 states the main program ends. M99 states the subprogram ends, in returning a main program. 3, ordinal date and block   program are by many the instruction is comprised, each instruction calls block (take group) . Applied symbol is separated between block, the fine that this manual sets every block with " ; " the end that serves as block, the element that makes block is program word, program word is formed by address and its follow-up numerical value. [Number of the character in the block that note 1] does not have limitation.

[Symbol of end of the block in noting 2] ISO code is foreword of intermediate range of code of EIA of   of LF   paragraph end symbol is order of order of order of CRo   by N demonstrate, limits is 1, 9999, ordinal date is random given, need not can assign ordinal number in all block continuously, also can be in only   of necessary order of block demonstrate order 4, word and address   block are become by block, and the word is formed by the number that the sign brings after address and address, following place show: X-----------------------------  of 1000   [address number] word   address is uppercase A arrives 2 a medium, it set ever since digital meaning, the meaning that is each addresses that this system uses below and instruction are worth limits. See next tables: Express these block to closed together to form a block, following exemple place show: The limitation of the restriction that   of M10 Xl00 Z200 M03 notes institute of 1 NC plant to cause and machine tool is 2 completely different ideas, for example the mobile quantity of axis of NC device X can dictate when making an appointment with L0m(m rice to be an unit) but the likelihood of X axis journey of actual machine tool has 2m only, feed speed also is such, it is OK to regard NC as device feed speed control is divided to 15m/ , but actual machine tool is about to restrict 3m/ branch, consequently, when program, answer to be familiar with systematic manual and machine tool manual, on the foundation of very good understanding. Note 2 every turn feed speed is a basis advocate take rotate speed and carry out by minutely feed CNC Milling CNC Machining