Numerical control machine tool is in enterprise of small lot type of production apply and manage means research

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Choose numerical control machine tool to machine equipment as enterprise of small lot type of production, make the inevitable trend of current modern development. The application that the article is in enterprise of small lot type of production with respect to numerical control machine tool and administrative pattern undertook first slightly dug. As the development of modern production technology, small lot production plows an enterprise to choose numerical control equipment already was hasten of general trends place. At present the full of beautiful things in eyes of it may be said of numerical control equipment on market, how to make enterprise of small lot type of production already economy reasonably equipment of use numerical control, we undertake technical reformation to raising productivity to often wait for respect proceed with from facilities of manufacturing management, workmanship, production, the newer, maintenance that in ability the opposite in changing produces machine tool of equipment, numerical control, purchase must consider on the choice that wait should use below what kind of environment, how to manage, how can achieve best economic result, around these problems, to numerical control machine tool use undertake discuss and study with management. One, the character that numerical control machine tool uses in enterprise of small lot type of production (one) automation rate is high, the process of CNC Machining of physical labor intensity that can ease handlers is completed automatically by the program of the input, handlers needs only initiative pair of knives, assemble and unassemble workpiece, change cutting tool, in machining a process, basically be observation moves with supervisory machine tool. But, because the technical content of numerical control machine tool is high, the mental work of handlers rises accordingly. (2) the fixed position precision of machine tool of numerical control of stability of tall, quality mixes precision of treatment spare parts repeat fixed position precision very tall, assure the consistency of dimension of a batch of spare partses more easily, should go up only art design and Fu foreword are correct and reasonable, together with is operated meticulously, can make sure the spare parts obtains taller treatment precision, also facilitate to treatment the process practices quality control. (3) treatment of machine tool of manufacturing efficiency tall numerical control is full many treatment surface can be machined in outfit clip again, detect only commonly first, can save many intermediate working procedure when general accuracy machine tool machines the area so, if underline, dimension detects etc, reduced auxiliary time, and the spare parts quality that gives as a result of CNC Machining is stable, bring for follow-up working procedure convenient, its overall efficiency rises apparently. (4) facilitate new product development and remodel CNC Machining do not need a lot of complex tooling commonly, through work out machine program but appearance complex ask with precision taller spare parts treatment comes out, when product remodel, when changing a design, want to change a course only, and the ministry needs to redesign tool. So, numerical control is added can shorten greatly product development is periodic, the develops development, product improvement that is new product, remodel offerred shortcut. (5) the foundation that can developing numerical control machine tool and its processing technique to more advanced production system is a CAM. (6) initiative investment is larger because cost of facility of numerical control machine tool is high,this is, machine preparation first periodic and longer, advanced element causes maintenance cost. (7) the typical product of the Electromechanical unifinication that machine tool of service call tall numerical control is technology intensive, need maintenance technician knows machine already, should know small report again the knowledge that maintains a respect, provide better maintenance equipment even at the same time. 2, numerical control machine tool introduces numerical control machine tool in the application of enterprise of small lot type of production, the dimensions of enterprise of small lot type of production changes production to will bring greater development reserve strength to the enterprise. The application of numerical control machine tool is the most sufficient sufficient in component the application of domain of processing technique of high speed of automatic product line, the CMT of enterprise of type of production of a few small lot, introducing component of many numerical control to machine manufacturing transfer matic, can make CMT treatment is made get developing. Among them more typical is the DAWOO automatic product line that comes from Korea. We elaborate the application of numerical control machine tool in automobile manufacturing industry below with practical high speed processing technique. (One) automatic product line summarizes the component of numerical control car that the enterprise of type of production of small lot of application of technology of automatic product line of numerical control machine tool introduces: Machine product line to comprise by bracket of CMT car stop a car and vent-pipe high speed. Synchronism introduces North America Motor Corporation to run paralell on Cheng management pattern and administrative technique, manage production of each transfer matic to move, year process capability 3000pcs, production section touchs 1.

5 ~ 3 minutes of / . Product line part uses processing technique of cutting of compound high speed, its machining technological process reflected the most advanced technology level in machining manufacturing industry now. High speed is special numerical control machine tool: The most treatment craft of crucial part broke through traditional engine to machine a concept, machine tool of special numerical control also broke through its high speed traditional structure designs a form. Tell wraparoundly, design of structure of its machine tool is with all sorts of high speed special figuration cutting tool and treatment craft give priority to much blade guide, in order to satisfy whole product line metre of production of working procedure of each working station, treatment is balanced the qualitative catenary that reachs stability and precision requirement. Knife course takes in move back and forth in, engine of high speed treatment, crankshaft all sorts of component are sufficient be designed by conception and make. Wait for each technology parameter to the material function of system of machine tool numerical control, quality and precision, component, be with each working station, go up the specific technology requirement of foreword, decompose each single technology index, consequently machine tool structure is stabilized relative to system of concise, numerical control reliable, its machine craft database solidify to put numerical control system in. Review CMT to quantify technology of workmanship of product line machinery, cutting of its cutting tool and feed speed did not reach the target of concept of high speed cutting in certain theory, dan Jisheng produces efficiency is the category that belongs to high speed treatment. In producing practice. The processing technique with more efficient cutting of this kind of relative low speed, carried the rigorous assessment of market competition environment. (2) the part that fits treatment of small lot of numerical control machine tool 1. Drop what make cost as numerical control machine tool stage by stage, can shorten the debugs time and tool preparation time of the program also is a kind of way that improves beneficial result. 2. The tigidity that chooses numerical control machine tool is good. Can machine the spare parts with dimension precision high demand, accurate to the knife, can convenient undertake dimension is compensated. 3. Also can machine exterior surface roughness to be worth small part, below the case with surplus of the material division in workpiece and cutting tool, finish machining and cutting tool particular angle, exterior surface roughness depends on cutting speed and feed speed. When the surface that in treatment exterior surface roughness differs, the face with little surface roughness chooses small feed career, the surface with big surface roughness chooses somes big feed career, changeability is very good, accomplish very hard at this o'clock in general accuracy machine tool. 4. The part with outline complex form. Aleatoric and flat curve can be used linear or circular arc will approach, numerical control machine tool has function of circular arc interpolation, can add the part of all sorts of complex outline. 3, the runs machine tool of means numerical control use stand or fall of numerical control machine tool is used meticulously of need handlers already, must rely on scientific management again, perfect administrative system, scientific production mode is the significant step that improves manufacturing efficiency. 1. Build the administrative system that perfects soundly, machine tool of effective control, supervisory numerical control is relevant the job of personnel, make the operation of the machine tool, run whole process controlled. 2. Strengthen administrator of technical personnel, skilled worker groom. Of CNC Machining grooming is all along long-term job, it is a process that improves ceaselessly. Through grooming technologist can weave more simplifying CNC Machining craft, simplify program, shorten handling time; Skilled worker can enhance operation technical ability; Administrator bites to be controlled with understanding the characteristic of numerical control equipment, process more, with modern production administrative concept carries out management. 3. Science organizes production. Improve shutdown to wait for makings, productivity is lopsided problem, raise the start working rate of numerical control machine tool, reasonable arrangement produces metre, reasonable allocation manufacturing task. Use the similar sex that the spare parts machines, will wait for treatment spare parts to undertake classified, plan to reach in technology staff, production thereby in attempering reasonable arrangement, the balance that improves equipment productivity is spent. Scientific manufacturing batch will be great of limit reduce scale of machine tool settling time, tool to prepare time scale, can improve batch efficiency. 4. To produce the value of numerical control machine tool. Handlers must correct control numerical control machine tool operates a principle. Operate a machine tool correctly by machine tool operating rules; Machine a spare parts by craft and order demand; The harmonious spare parts, cutting tool, pressing plate dimension before treatment prevents interference and collision; Improve technical quality, reduce outfit knife, search to waiting be not handling time; Proper care and maintenance all sorts of complementary ensure precision is reliable. Anyhow, the application of numerical control machine tool is increasingly wide already, how " canal it is good, good to use, had safeguarded " numerical control machine tool already became the serious problem that solves urgently. The use of numerical control machine tool is not simple use equipment, be one in succession the applied project with very strong attribute. Have scientific government only, understand the characteristic of numerical control machine tool adequately, had coordinated the balance that produces segment each, ability develops its economic benefits truly. 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