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When turning, more incidental in treatment doing type cut bits to twine. To turning steel, the razor blade that indicates here is with rich cobaltic area matrix and the compound coating with a 20 thick micron are a feature, form a hot protective screen. We visited a plant recently, the function leap that discovers fluid of cutting of out of service is brought is startling. This discovery is pure belong to accidental. The defect of cutting fluid forces people to turn the manufacturing quota that machines a spare parts to dry treatment. Need is the mother of the invention, employee undertook an experiment whether can maintain significant production in order to decide. It is not certain to the investment of cutting fluid that as a result they discover can somewhat redound. In 20 years of in the past, the economy of use cutting fluid had produced dramatic change. It is early at the beginning of 80 time, purchase to most machine treatment, management and the charge that process cutting fluid occupy totle drilling cost to be less than 3% . Today, average for, the charge of cutting fluid (include to manage and be handled) 16% what hold totle drilling cost. 4% what hold treatment project totle drilling cost only as a result of cutting cutting tool, accept a kind to exchange place of fluid of cutting of out of service with life of shortish cutting tool managing cost and safeguard cutting fluid place to bring headachy issue, the likelihood makes the choice with lower fare. Life of besides cutting tool won't shorten possibly even. Change boron because of coating hard alloy, pottery and porcelain, cermet, cubic nitrogen (diamond of CBN) He Jujing is brittleness, they are very sensitive to the small collapse that causes by thermal stress and burst, add man-hour in end panel turning and milling especially, the interpose initiate aggravate of cooling fluid this kind of tendency. For example, cut when cutting blade in milling and when cutting a work, cutting blade is heated and cool. These temperature wave motion cause expand to bring about exhaustion with contractive meeting. Will form finally a chain of perpendicular the pectination hot crack at cutting blade and cause rupture. Add cutting fluid to be able to make normally circumstance more flooey, its truth is very simple. Action of major cooling fluid compares the position with cutting area a lot of smaller temperature on workpiece. Experts still are arguing a problem: Fluid of whether all cutting reached cutting area (cut the area between bits and workpiece namely) the heat source that will control treatment. Cooling fluid cools only normally circumjacent area (previous hotter area) , because this strengthened temperature gradient,added thermal stress. Aperture of tap, bore with a reamer and bore need the help of cutting fluid really, but not be for cooling purpose certainly. Use at bore especially, it is to get lubricate pointedly, also for eduction cut bits to be swept from inside aperture. Without cutting fluid, the meeting that cut bits jams in Kong Zhong, double what and the average surface roughness of treatment surface is wet machine. The osculatory dot between lubricant broach first flank and hole wall also can reduce the torque demand of the machine tool. If pursue,milling cutter has a shown side exceed big radial and axial before horn. Big before horn can reduce power to use up and conduce to prevent the fusion welding that cut bits. Certain material suits to do cutting to divide charge and cutting tool life besides, affecting another factor that chooses dry cutting is workpiece. Sometimes, may flyblown spare parts or generation pollute cutting fluid. Want, learn embedded case into practise medicine, it is coxa ministry for example embedded a globose joint. Be in this kind of place that does not permit pollution, cutting fluid is undesirable. A workpiece also depends on to doing cutting craft suitability material itself. For example, for the cutting of steel of cast-iron to great majority, carbon and alloy steel, cutting fluid is redundant. It is relatively easy that these material treatments rise, hot conductibility is good, allow to cut bits to take away the major quantity of heat of generation. Also have a few exception, it is mild steel, when the volume that contain carbon drops, it becomes more stick. Juice of these alloy need cutting will lubricate in order to prevent fusion welding. Normally the circumstance falls, when machining most aluminium alloy, cutting fluid is not indispensible, because cutting temperature is opposite inferior. These material are in when producing the fusion welding that cut bits really, big before horn and sharp cutting blade can solve this problem normally. However, when aluminium alloy of high speed cutting, high-pressured cooling fluid is helpful, because use simple compression,air undertakes bits and platoon bits are insufficient. Dry cutting stainless steel is more a few more difficult. In these material, quantity of heat can pose a few problems. For example, it can make martensite stainless steel excessive temper. To stainless steel of a lot of austenite, as a result of thermal conductance often very low, so quantity of heat flows to what cut bits by cutting area bad also. Then cutting blade overheat, cutting tool loss of life arrives the rate that cannot accept. Cutting liquid is being used in the process of cutting stainless steel is very necessary, because a lot of stainless steel are agglutinant,return, this means them to direction of edge cutting blade can produce the liability of the tumour that accumulate bits, cause cheap appearance thereby bright and clean degree. To a lot of material, can choose to do cutting scarcely. All phyletic high temperature alloy need cutting fluid. Especially cutting nickel base with chromic Jigaowen when alloy, produce extremely high temperature, need cutting juice will take away quantity of heat. In the meantime, the quantity of heat that the lubricant ability of cutting fluid still can hold generation is the smallest. When cutting titanium alloy, cutting fluid is mandatory. Although researcher is considering to work the way of alloy of type cutting titanium, but the nature of this kind of material came into being huge obstacle to this job. It is agglutinant, thermal conductance low and (still have certain alloy) flash point is very low. Accordingly, scrap cannot take away quantity of heat, workpiece heated enough is ignited and upblaze. (Although magnesium breaks bits easy, but burn easily also. ) cutting fluid carries lubricant cutting sword, sweep cut bits and cooling workpiece to prevent to produce this problem. Have these effect to assure cutting fluid, when machining titanium alloy, people more apt uses cutting liquid when high pressure, pressure is in normally 4, 000 to 7, 000 pounds / square inch inside limits. Sometimes, pulverous alloy also needs cutting fluid to arise thin a thin oily film serves as antirust. Cutting tool must control quantity of heat the value that a few companies had obtained dry cutting by chance, and also a few factories undertake purposefully trying, but the benefit that cannot see it however. The success application that its reason is dry cutting asks to eliminate cooling fluid not just, and still ask to there is method of system of caloric of a control in whole process. The most important pattern that heat of cutting tool influence transfers is to pass generation to cut bits goodly. Cut bits to be able to take away the quantity of heat that 85% cutting produce, and allow only 5% pass into workpiece, and the quantity of heat of 10% is passed into cutting tool and elsewhere. The new-style chamfer that break bits presses cutting tool face, so special the appearance that is helpful for control cutting bits and dimension. Because cut bits hotter, what extend a gender to compare correspondence accordingly is wet treatment is better, make bit harder more possible generation causes the appearance bright and clean those who spend those who become poor to have dangerous sex cut bits to twine. Use a kind to be only cut banding the chamfer breaking bits that material of the workpiece that cut bits designs conduces to solve this problem. Although such cutting blade can have bigger before horn, but they won't resemble be in wet in treatment fragile in that way and brittle. The inherent very high cutting temperature in dry cutting normally can a little bate hard alloy, increased its tenacity, reduced the possibility of small collapse, improve the dependability of cutting tool and cutting tool life. Be based on same argument, a few stronger cutting tool is changed to be able to reduce cutting tool life or cutting consistency scarcely when dry cutting. And actually, rather. Harder matrix can assure cutting blade the integrality when high temperature cutting, and slight bate can prevent it to become too fragile. Its are as a result, the user can appoint a kind of better hard alloy material to pledge grade will rise resistance is out of shape and crescent moon wears away depression (the chemistry of cutting blade is deliquescent) ability. Otherwise, life of short cutting tool can shrink greatly when doing cutting. The cutting tool that designs to do cutting is OK more sharp, and specific humidity type machines cutting more light, the attrition power that actually it produces is less and conduce to caloric control. Make clear to getting cut research, reduce cutting blade to repair grind a future life to be able to drop the cutting temperature of 40% into sharper broach. Sharp cutting blade can maintain inferior temperature not only, and can reduce radial to beat and improve the appearance bright and clean degree. Another conduces to be broken into pieces in cutting process and the method that eduction cuts bits is to use gas to replace a liquid, compress air among them most general. Although the effect is done not have when refrigeration, but sometimes one compresses air enough will cut bits to be blown in cutting process, prevented cutting 2 times, in preventing redundant quantity of heat to divert workpiece and machine tool. Should lubricate when necessary, the user uses a kind of efficient lubricant, produce a mist, use up in cutting process. Sometimes, the most effective method is a kind relative to newer technology, call lowermost quantity to lubricate (MQL) , it is the infuse in be being provided through Xiang Dao a few refrigerant undertakes lubricating. Coating makes coating of cutting tool of cutting tool heat insolation is protecting cutting main effect also has in blade. To undertake type is machined working, the cutting cutting tool with the most effective mount, combine the method of system of a kind of special industrialized coating, matrix of a rich cobaltic area, make interior and surface harden. Use a convention craft and in production of craft of deposit of lukewarm chemical gas phase gives very thick compound coating, thick amount to 20 micron. What nitrogen of ground floor carbon changes titanium coating to produce pair of matrix and point tenacity is necessary prop up. Next alumina of a fine grained provides effective hot protective screen, suit to do cutting and tall cutting career. The 2nd carbon nitrogen that is wear-resisting changes titanium, face of the knife after it conduces to control and crescent moon wear away depression, and the nitrogen that carries a layer on the head changes titanium to be able to arise fight ability of the tumour that accumulate bits, and can decide cutting tool more easily really wear away degree. The coating with good lubricity arises through reducing attrition force to reduce caloric. For example 2 vulcanization molybdenum and hard alloy coating have low coefficient of friction, can have lubricant effect in cutting process. However, these coating are very soft, and cutting tool life is opposite shorter. To make up for this limitation, these coating often are used together with hard lining, for example carbonization titanium, azotic aluminium changes titanium, alumina or a few compound. When turning, more incidental in dry cutting cut bits to twine. To turning steel, the razor blade that indicates here is with rich cobaltic area matrix and the compound coating with 20 thick micron are a feature, form a hot protective screen. If want to obtain better result in dry cutting respect,find best cutting parameter, appoint correct cutting cutting tool besides need beyond, still have the place that a lot of need notice. Rate of optimum main shaft rotate speed, feed and cutting deepness are very important also. For example, if use the method that changes bits chamfer to cannot be controlled adequately,cut bits, can try to adjust feed rate. Increase feed rate to be able to get best result normally, reduce feed rate adverse. Use proper cutting parameter to also conduce to make quantity of heat arises the smallest. Most the method of clearly is to use higher rate and feed to be able to be achieved, when the load that cuts bits with decreasing when material of faster rate cutting workpiece. Such, cutting time is less, also reduced the time of generation caloric time and workpiece of infiltration of quantity of heat at the same time. But the 15 % left and right sides that reduces main shaft rotate speed sometimes is the optimal action plan that drops cutting temperature. Suffer an effect to prevent productivity, the user can raise feed rate accordingly. Must consult the torque chart of the machine tool in order to ensure inferior axis fast won't increase torque with higher feed rate requirement and make main shaft frowsty car. If the requirement of torque exceeds the capacity of main shaft, can choose the cutting tool with a few smaller diameter. If higher feed rate is bright and clean to the surface,spend adverse, the radius of point of a knife that can increase cutting tool serves as compensation. In milling, cutting deepness also can affect cutting temperature, because it affected cutting force already, also affected cooling time. When the workpiece of milling cutter cutting of full cutting, the time cutting of the half is heated, the time of other in part takes line space cold. However, have 50 % only when width of clench the teeth when, the time that has 1/4 only is in cutting, the time of 3/4 takes line space cold. In other words, workpiece used the time that is equivalent to original in part to win quantity of heat only, and more time are to use refrigeration. The optimal cutting temperature that most tool manufacturer is worth according to different hardness will decide cutting deepness, because this follows their proposal please. When the machine tool also is acting a part to cut bits from cutting area eduction when cutting tool, the machine tool must use up its duty to will cut bits quickly to take away. If cut bits to be in machine tool or build up elsewhere, even although built up relative to shorter time, the quantity of heat of the interior that cut bits also can pass lathe bed, cause expand and tiny twist, affect the precision of accurate treatment. Because do not have cutting fluid to take away,cut bits and absorb quantity of heat, the design that the machine tool must count itself carries away effectively cut bits. To treatment of dry type milling, horizontal machine tool is best, because be on this kind of machine tool,allow to cut bits to fall on the conveyer belt cutting bits below the machine tool directly. Actually, a few architects had designed newest HMC, pile up on horizontal through be eliminated in central starting a hole cut bits. To turning, the main shaft direction of first selection rather. Vertical chuck closes completely, when the spare parts rotates, the support that cut bits is inertial be swung to wall. Cut bits to fall to the conveyer belt below subsequently. A lot of architects had designed newest vertical lathe, contain the main shaft of convert, used gravity further. Although return the standard that did not apply to all machine tools now to cut bits conveyer belt, but to dry type treatment, it is must. Vacuum filtraction device also can will machine cast-iron and close when black lead the dirt eliminate in the machine tool. No matter the machine tool is in the respect that discharge bits is much more businesslike, but when should increasing thermal stability in order to add without use cutting fluid, machine tool and workpiece can change to temperature more sensitive. Its are as a result, involve circumstance of high accuracy application to perhaps need a machine tool to have symmetrical design and vulcanize countervail bag to be compensated in order to undertake real time adjustment. The user also may consider periodic the crucial size that measures workpiece, with online probed means or the method that measuring a station to monitor hot drift from the line, adopting when necessary correct measure. Another kind of method that controls hot wave motion is when designing technology, fall fluctuant value the smallest. For example, after morning actuate machine tool, jockey can give a machine tool spin of a few time in order to reach a kind of stable state, and use maintain move. Same to be in work for the application that has a few operations, should plan to carry out treatment doing type above all, next bore, tap, finally is other wet treatment. Adopt this kind of precautionary measures to be able to fall the dosage of cutting fluid the smallest, and can prevent the interference that its machine to doing type. CNC Milling CNC Machining